Mystery Game Prizes: 2nd April, 2012

Prehistoric Mystery Game
A new week, a new Mystery Game… A prehistoric treat from Farmville… An all animal exclusive game…
Rare Rare Uncommon Uncommon Common Common
Argentinosaurus Ankylosauria Mastodon Iguanodon Compsognathus Troodontidae
To complete the collection, the game includes the Allosaurus as a Bonus prize for winning all the above 6 in the game…
So, are you going to play the Mystery Game this week?

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  1. no,I wont be playing it this week, even with free darts!

  2. yo quiero 1 xfa.... quien me lo regala??

  3. I got an Angentinosaurus, not from a Mystery Dart but with a free Token from the new Pig-O game,...

  4. Hello Joe,

    This is Ariane and I understand that you are having an issue regarding your pens. Joe, let me advice you that getting a specific animal from your pens were random so we will never know what to get since it is computer generated. I will just forward your feedback to our Studio so they could do something about it. We do apologize and have a nice day.

    Zynga Player Advocate

    Did Zynga Support help put the wag back in your tail? Bark some Love on Twitter with #zyngalove

    Your Incident # is: 120404-16174081

    ----- -----Discussion Thread

    ----- -----Incident Entry by Zynga Customer P Wed Apr 04 23:09:49 GMT 2012

    i'm so mad do not even want to play farmville no more i'm working hard and spending alot of money trying to get ahead alittle i got a zoo pen that i just got the new animals in 9 of them are the dinasaurs collection. I harvested the pen ten times, got a zoo baby and it gave me a peacock. That has been happening to all my pens and water pens too. Why should I spend this money and my time on something that doesnt work properly. If you cant decide what I'll get when I grow then I'm going to stop growing. Please help me with this problem when i grow something i want whats in the pen the animals i got i want back not a peacock

    [ ref:00D6J52i.5006IJAhe:ref ]i have a pen just for this and it gave me a peacock so i wrote fv this is what they told me peggy ownby

  5. Joe, I had the same with the zoo filled with Iguanodon... It gave me a bow wolf (?) I was angry too and told the rep that this will not do... She gave me 2 Iguanodon but this new change will make players who buy animals think twice before they make a purchase... I will.... This is the same thing they tried to do with the trees a few weeks back...

  6. I played and got two, would like more free darts.

  7. i won all of them on 8 darts i saved, my daugther loves them so much and she picked ballon for the last dart i had and i got the one that was missing to get the allosaurus :) She was sooooo happy :))

  8. does any one know when is the next mystery game


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