Mystery Game Prizes: 23rd April, 2012

Mystery Game

A new week, a new Mystery Game… This time, it’s a Japanese Animals theme in Farmville… All new animals… A new chicken which gives its own special egg too…

Rare Rare Uncommon Uncommon Common Common
Wagyu Bull
Cherry Unicorn Wagyu Bull Moon Bear Japanese Macaque Japanese Bantam Chicken Spot-Billed Duck

To complete the collection, the game includes the Crested Ibis as a Bonus prize for winning all the above 6 in the game…
So, are you going to play the Mystery Game this week?

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  1. the cherry unicorn is different but close to identical to the aloha unicorn except the flower on the new one are smaller and the horn is pink but i got it first try blue center balloon

  2. Ugly Prizes Pass :(

  3. Every ones will be in a different balloon. It won't always be the center blue for others. Mine was top left green.. :/

  4. Any one that says they are ugly prizes needs their eyes checked.. very nice and you are just mad cause you don't have any darts so there jerk...

  5. I agree with those that posted as well! They make to many animals that are very close in the same look then want us to play the game! I feel many of the animals especially horses could look better then what they do! I won't use my free darts on these prizes I will wait for something better :)

  6. These are all awful!

  7. nothing for me here either....but thank you Dirt Farmer for all the postings you share.....I know I sure do appreciate it!

  8. I want to thank you for all the info on the quest coming up!! It's very helpful to me! Thanks again


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