Groves rolling out…


The Tree Groves are here… If you have checked our previous post on this, you would have got a slight hint at what to expect from them…

Well, the groves help us get extra coins/coconuts, and mastery points for the trees that are harvested in orchards adjacent to them…You can possibly place orchards on only 2 sides of these groves, and hence you need to be careful when trying to build these as there are 2 versions of the Groves… One that allow orchards to be placed in vertical positions, and one in horizontal positions… Well, but with proper planning, you can place 4 groves around just one orchard…

The various stages of the Groves construction…
Grove under constructionGrove under constructionConstructed Grove


To construct the Groves, you will need to use 10 of each of the below for each Grove… Click the respective images to request that material from friends…
Mini BoulderMulch SoilTurf Roll

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  1. no thank you fv

  2. I guess none of you have never played Farmville before. New things always roll out slowly. But, I'm glad to see another thing for some of you to complain about. I wonder if you're like this in your other life as well. You must be a joy to be with.

  3. If zynga really wants to give us things to help us around on our farms, they should give us COIN PURCHASE with ALL expansions on all farms! Then maybe we would all be a little more interested in all the junk they keep tossing at us. Would like to give the Groves a try and see if worth all the hoop-la, but NO room...

  4. seems a bit crazy. I was hoping these groves would allow us MORE ROOM, NOT TAKE UP ROOM.
    I thought we would be able to put say 10 orchards INSIDE a grove, FREEING UP SPACE for all the trees we get thrown at us.
    then for harvesting we could have maybe open up the grove and harvested all or just selected ones!!!

  5. I already got the grove and put several on my farm. It isnt a land eater. You should experience something before you talk bad about it. It gives us the possibility to master the trees faster and on the other hand it gives us the possibillity to choose from which trees you wan to get seedlings.

  6. I don't really get the point to these, more to build, takes up more space and gives us basically what we get from the orchards. Other than getting extra coins and more mastery points not sure they are worth it. May try one but seems a bit of a waste to me.

  7. agree with my fellow farmers, i thought the groves would let us have mores space for our orchards. It really does not help me who have mastered alot of the trees i collected.


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