The Planter Picnic Quests: Info and Tips

Expected duration of the quests is from 5th April, 2012 to 19th April, 2012… Can also be named as Salmon Quests
Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want... Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...

Note: Images will only show up when they are available in the game files…

Quest Storyline: Every farmer needs a break, and what better way to do that than go on a picnic with your friends... Pack your stuff, decide the right spot, get help from your special friends in making the picnic spot the perfect place for some relaxing time...
Quests Info:
Quest Icon The Planter Picnic Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 1 1. Get 4 Picnic Baskets
2. Harvest 50 Soybeans (1 Day Crop)
3. Harvest Cow Pasture 2 Times
Picnic Baskets
Quest Tips: No Crop alternatives available Picnic Baskets Messy Picnic Cow

Quest Icon Flowers and Flutterers Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 2 1. Get 6 Floating Candles
2. Harvest 75 Morning Glory (12 Hrs Crop)
Harvest Messy Picnic Cow 2 Times
Floating Candles Unwither
Quest Tips: Super Morning Glory (12 Hrs) will also work… Floating Candles Unwither

Quest Icon Field Festivities Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 3 1. Get 8 Tug Ropes
2. Harvest 100 Grapes
3. Harvest Aviary 2 Times
Tug Ropes
Quest Tips: Grape Alternatives: Grape (1 Day), Frozen Grapes (1 Day), White Grapes (12 Hrs), Super Grapes (1 Day) Tug Ropes Fetching Beagle

Quest Icon Blanket the Buffet Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 4 1. Get 8 Picnic Blankets
2. Harvest 125 Cotton (12 Hrs)
3. Master Messy Picnic Cow to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Picnic Blankets
Quest Tips: Super Cotton will also work… As for the Cow, rotate it in the Dairy Barn or Cow Pasture… Picnic Blankets Picnic Swing

Quest Icon Picnic Plusses Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 5 1. Get 8 Bug Zappers
2. Harvest 150 Pepper (1 Day)
3. Harvest Fetching Beagle 2 times
Bug Zappers Book of XP
Quest Tips: Pepper Alternatives: Super Pepper (1 Day), Fire Pepper (12 Hrs), Bell Pepper (2 Days)… For the Beagle, you can harvest it in Pet Run… Bug Zappers Book of XP

Quest Icon Floating Party Favors Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 6 1. Get 8 Floating Chairs
2. Harvest 150 Spinach (14 Hrs)
3. Harvest Baby Playpen 2 Times
Floating Chairs
Quest Tips: Red Spinach (14 Hrs) will also work for the crops… Floating Chairs Picnic Pond

Quest Icon Baaackwards Engineering Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 7 1. Get 9 Tree Twines
2. Harvest 150 Daffodils (2 Day Crop)

3. Harvest 100 Fruits
Tree Twines Sprung Tree
Quest Tips: No alternatives for Daffodils, but for the fruit, you can plant Raspberry, as they have the shortest harvest time of 2 hrs… Tree Twines Sprung Tree

Quest Icon Chewy, Gooey, and Delicious--y! Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 8 1. Get 10 Firewood Baskets
2. Harvest 150 Peppermint (1 Day)
Master Fetching Beagle to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Firewood Baskets Mystery Game Dart
Quest Tips: You can even plant Mint Candy for the Crops… For the Beagle, harvest it inside the Pet Run… Firewood Baskets Mystery Game Dart

Quest Icon The Center of It All Item to Ask Reward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 9 1. Get 12 Flower Baskets
2. Harvest 200 Red Tulips (1 Day Crop)
3. Harvest Sprung Tree 2 Times
Flower Baskets Star Gazer Gypsy
Quest Tips: No Crop alternatives… For the Sprung Tree, you can even harvest the Giant Sprung Tree, and it will count for the quest… Remember to use ready orchards… Flower Baskets Star Gazer Gypsy

Useful Tips and Info:
Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

Note: If you complete these quests before time, you do get the option to repeat the quests again to try and win the rewards once more... It is your own choice if you want to continue or not...
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  1. hello,
    does anybody know if the star gazer gypsy horse gives coconuts? and if so; how many? :)

  2. Reply to 4-5-2012 12:56PM. The horse does not appear to give coconuts but I could be wrong. There is a Coconut Catalog that tells what coconuts what give on this same group of information on the Coconut Harvesting Animals and trees, Go to Hope this helps. By the way, Blue Whale gives most 5000 coconuts. If you are in to horses the Cremello Stallion gives 4500 coconuts. CA

  3. I can't harvest the cow in barns, when I put it inside it goes down to 0% before I harvest it. Is that normal?

  4. I wonder why we can't have FREE Instant Grow as a reward for some of these tasks?!?!?! We got the Miracle Grow Tree but that doesn't do anything to help with crops grow!! It would make life a little more interesting!!! So the team who plans all these quests/rewards let's see FREE Instant Grow on here please!!!\

  5. I tried to reply to comment above but nothing happend when I clicked reply - anyway, my cow makes my barns and pens go down to 0 percent as well. Don't see how I'm going to finish this at that rate. Now I remember why I don't usually do quests - they are SO frustrating.

  6. I to tried to reply to comment but nothing happened. Anyways whenever I put cows in my barn or chicken's in my coop mine to goes to 0% but after I hit the refresh button once or twice they go to 100%. On rare occasions it may take several times of hitting the refresh button or restarting my firefox before the barn or coop goes to 100%

  7. from "elisa" answer to question about harvesting cows (and other animals):
    yes, the old fasioned barns go from 100% to 0% if you put in a not ripe cow. the new pasture/paddoc goes back 4%, that is 1 hour. but you can harvest the diary barn several times in a row!!!
    here's the trick, works for old time horse stable and chicken coop too: all cows ripe in 1 day (the same as all buildings), but horses grow in 2-3 days). keep several cows (horses) outdoors (those giving the least money). if the barn/stable is ready, harvest it (if not it does not matter) and make room for the special animal(s) you want to master fast and put them in (if ripe, harvest once outdoors), and leave 1 place empty inside. then take 1 ripe animal (or at least some 50%) and put inside = the barn becomes 100%! harvest. take out 1 cheap animal and put in another 100% from outside instead. repeat this as many times as you have ripe animals outdoors. besides speeding up mastery this gives a lot of coins every time, and also other rewards (babies, fertilizer, coin bonus etc).
    chicken coops work different: all chickens ripe in 1 day. harvest them once outdoors, then put them in a ripe coop and harvest again = 2 harvests. putting a ripe chicken in the coop will make it 0%. also you can put chickens in an aviary, it will go back 4% (1 hour for each new animal). I'm not sure, but i think once in the past empty coops became 100% if putting in a ripe bird, but not anymore.
    another farmer told of buildings getting 100% when refreshing the game. it can be true, i have sometimes noticed that they all of a sudden were ready to harvest. for example i never harvested the baby play pen, but passed the task that required 2 harvests! but this may be a recent glitch in the game...
    PS: when publishing comments here, there should be an option to choose facebook ID! i don't know how to use the others.

  8. from "elisa" correction: by mistake i wrote that same trick works for chicken coops - the text on top, but in the next part it is correct.

  9. i completed the planter picnic quest and it didn't allow me to restart them like it says you can. I was wondering what was up with that.


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