Luck of The Irish and Magic Quests: Info and Tips

Magic Hat Quest 1
Expected duration of the quests is from 15th March 2012 to 29th March 2012

Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want... Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...

Note: Images will only show up if and when they are available in the game files… There are NO WORKING LINKS for these quests as of now…

Quests Info:
Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 1 1. Get 4 Clover
2. Harvest 50 Soybeans
3. Harvest 2 Livestock Habitats
Clover Leprechaun Pig
Quest Tips: You can harvest any model of the Livestock Habitats, and even between farms… Clover Leprechaun Pig

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 2 1. Get 6 Sham-Rocks
2. Harvest 90 PepperMint Crops
3. Harvest Leprechaun Pig 1 Time
Sham-Rock 3 Pack of Turbos
Quest Tips: For the Mint, you can even plant Cranberries/Super, Cove Cranberries, or Mint Candies too… The Pig can be harvested in the Livestock Pen Sham-Rock 3 Pack of Turbos

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 3 1. Get 8 Green Hats
2. Harvest 100 Spinach Crops
3. Store 10 items in Home Farm Storage
Green Hat Unwithers
Quest Tips: Red Spinach will also work for the Crops… For storing things, you can even store haybales if nothing else strikes your mind Green Hat Unwither x2

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 4 1. Get 8 Gloves
2. Harvest 125 Eggplants
3. Harvest 2 Zoo Habitats
Glove Magic Calf-in-half
Quest Tips: Glove Magic Calf-in-half

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 5 1. Get 8 Magic Wands
2. Harvest 150 Red Tulips
3. Harvest Leprechaun Pig to 1st Star (5 Harvests)
Magic Wand
Quest Tips: Use the Livestock Pens between farms for faster Mastery of the Pig Magic Wand Levitating Chicken

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 6 1. Get 8 Crystal Balls
2. Harvest 155 Grape Crops
3. Harvest Levitating Chicken 2 Times (Use Chicken Coop on 2 farms)
Crystal Ball 3 Pack of Turbos
Quest Tips: For Grapes, you can even plant Super Grapes, Frozen Grapes, and White Grapes… Crystal Ball 3 Pack of Turbos

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 7 1. Get 10 Top Hats
2. Harvest 140 Peanuts
3. Harvest Horse Paddock 2 times
Top Hat Magician Gnome
Quest Tips: Super Peanuts will Work for the crops… Top Hat Magician Gnome

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 8 1. Get 11 Handcuffs
2. Harvest 160 Bell Pepper Crops
3. Master Levitating Chicken to 1st Star (5 Harvests)
Handcuff Disappearing Sheep
Quest Tips: Use Ready Chicken Coops between farms for faster mastery, and also use the Aviary for harvesting the Chicken Handcuff Disappearing Sheep (Deco)

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Magic Hat Quest 9 1. Get 12 Straight Jackets
2. Harvest 200 Pink Roses
3. Harvest Cow Pasture 2 Times
Straight Jacket Crystal Ball Tree
Quest Tips: Super Pink Roses will also work for the Crops… Straight Jacket Crystal Ball Tree

Useful Tips and Info:
Note: Super crops will also usually count towards the quests where applicable... Also, as quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning...

More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

Note: If you complete these quests before time, you do get the option to repeat the quests again to try and win the rewards once more... It is your own choice if you want to continue or not...

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  1. I'm really wondering why Carol Adams posts the comment "YOU would want to make a reward XP Book" apparently, I'm guessing, referring to Zynga. As if Zynga actually reads this.

    Oh and Kat, it's "straitjacket" -- one word, not two. If you're going to obsess over spelling, perhaps you should get it right too.

  2. how do you transfer animals between farms. i can only do through storage on home and english farms. Help.

  3. The Leprechaun Pig does not go into the Pig Pens only the Livestock pen

  4. Why does the links not work when trying to request items to gather for the above quest?

  5. Yes Zynga on Book of XP not you people I would hope someone besides us reads this there is a lot of good stuff to consider. Lets face this it is a good place to rant but a good place to get good ideas.
    I wonder why some people are so judging of others as it is a game and we need to rant sometimes. CA
    You know I was told that it is only transfers from England to home not any other farm. If someone has an idea on this maybe they could pass it on. Sorry for any misspelling but I am not 100% with my sight and sometimes make errors.

  6. Magic Quest #3 says you need 10 items in your home doesn't register what's in you'll have to take some things out and put them back in!

  7. If your Lighthouse Cove is at Level 10, Zynga says a free license for transferring items is "coming soon". You can buy it now for 75 FVC

  8. Transfer from cove to where for free, free is good. Just to remind everyone the Leprechaun Pig can not go in Pig Pen like Zynga stated.

  9. They've been showing "Coming Soon" for the free Lighthouse Cove transfer license for months now.

  10. Very nice to know what's coming, but even better are having the "ask for" links to work. None of these do.

  11. Anyone else have their quest just disappear?

  12. i have loss all my quests i dont know what happened.Does anyone?

  13. have no quest or cant use market.are they ever gonna get this fixed !!!

  14. I have no quests, I can no use the market and my raffle both I can not open..... please help me!

  15. task 5 of my quest doesnt require me to master the Leprechaun Pig to level one star.. it requires me to master it, completely!! Is everyone else seeing this? I surely hope this is a glitch and not true!!!

  16. Any other Farmers noticed that the 'Spec. Delivery Box's are being sent by friends, and we click and accept, BUT they don't appear in our Gift Box ! ???

  17. I noticed too that my Spec Del Boxes are not showing up in my Gift Box . Anybody know why ?

  18. my daughter just got her free Cove license yesterday, but i still haven't gotten one yet, but it should appear pretty soon

  19. Quest 9 in the Magic section, says 200 Pink Roses which takes 2 days to grow. I planted English roses as sometimes they will accept somethings that are close enough, but not this time.

  20. I too have had problems getting Spec. Deliveries in my Gift Box and have emailed Zynga twice about this. Each time they gave me some Special Deliveries to make up for it, but they haven't fixed the problem.

  21. Was on step 3 and POOF, it just disappeared on me


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