Glory of the Horse Stables - Restored

Zynga seems to be in a good mood this week… First we had the TRIPLE Mastery showing up, and now, some of the old horses which produced Brown foals in the stable, are now able to produce their own breed finally… Not all that were giving brown foals have changed this way, but this surely is a good start to some wonderful changes… Way to go Zynga… A good indication to strengthen the fact that the STABLES ARE HERE TO STAY… Hope you did not miss our previous article on the same… If you did, you can read the same by Clicking Here
Below are some of the new foals that you can now get from your stables when you have their respective adults in there while breeding… Get ready to start stable stuffing and share these cuties with your friends… Happy Farming…
SkeletonCandy Corn PegasusIcy Blue PegacornSnowflakeTinsel Pony FoalIcy Blue PegasusRainbow PegasusAurora UnicornSnowflake PegasusPink PegacornRose PonySpring PegacornBlackcherry PegacornCarnival PegasusBeads PonyShamrock Pegasus

Below are some screenshots of having got the above foals from the stable after the enhancement...

Notice: Due to the recent changes in the Facebook Pages, the Dirt Farmer has started a new group, ASK The Dirt Farmer, which will be the new destination where you can get all your queries answered, just like we did on the main Page… The Page and the new group, will both co-exist though… Make sure you give the group a visit and share the info with friends to get them farming better… Happy Farming…!

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  1. Nice for now i cant reedem my rainbow body horse i have 151 moons and i cant :( dont know why

  2. your gift box has to be under a 1000 or you cant redeem any eggs or items from the special items

  3. you can't redeem it because that phase is over with.

  4. i was able to reedem mine yesterday keep trying make sure your giftbox is not full you can do that by your giftbox pages time by 6 and if its under 500 you should be able to get your rainbow body mustang good luck my facebook name is Christina L Torres im the blonde one lol or my email is if you need more info just email me on facebook

  5. Farmville has posted that I have over 700 farmville requests...when I try to receive them, the page automatically goes to my opening farm page. How are we suppose to get the requests? I'm really missing out on the things my friends and neighbors have sent me.

  6. you have to also make sure that you do not have over 500 different items in your giftbox besides the 5000 piece overall limits.. works out to just over 82 pages so stay under that and you should be able to redeem.. and i do not understand Zynga Farmville is their most popular game.. Vampre wars and Mafia wars allows 200 gifts.. so what's up with the 50 item crap?

  7. Just a note for your players, the Fall Fairy Calf grows up for 1 farmcash. When you click it, and it says, "Grow up!" click it, and it says for 1 farmcash, grow it up. This is legit, I just did it on my own farm


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