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I am sure that everyone who plays Farmville has seen that famous Running Farmer kid on the loading screen, that asks you to enable Faster Loading… Well, different people have different views on what this feature actually is and what it does… Many believe it to be a new technique by Zynga to spy on players and collect info without notice… Some say it to be nothing more than a trouble as they have issues with this feature enabled… So, what exactly is this feature? What are its pros and cons? Well, we are here to detail all the facts today, so that you know what it actually does, and if you should go for it… So, make sure you read all the details, in detail…
    • The game consists of thousands of files… each animal, each tree, even each square of any graphics is a separate file, which needs to be downloaded everytime that you load the game… The browser saves some of the data till you keep it open, but most browsers of today will discard that data because they occupy a lot of space, and hence may slow down the browser and the system… This is the reason that most of the times you see the items in the game load one by one as the browser downloads them one by one, and that leads to slow game speeds…
    • What the Load Faster feature does is, it saves most of the frequently used data, like images of the items that instead get downloaded everytime, on the computer’s flash cache, so that it can access it faster and thus lead to faster game loading speeds… There is no other data that the game stores, apart from some game files, as there is a clause that they need to specify clearly if they intend to use any such data for their own info or use… And Zynga being a big company, cant escape with such acts if they do it without notice… In fact,  every good page you browse/visit, stores some part of its data on the computer so that it can help you get better experience of their site when you return… Being a game, Farmville just requires a lot of storage, and that is why it needs permissions to save that huge data on your computer…
    • While the Load Faster feature is surely sounding good by what I said above, there are some limitations to it, or rather I would call it as disadvantages… If you enable the feature, the game is given unlimited storage capacity to use the flash cache… This is both good and bad… Good because the game can store most of the info on the computer and thus you can avoid downloading it on most occasions… Bad because giving it that much rights can lead to huge storage space being consumed in the long run… I have had near to 800 MB of data stored in just 2 weeks of enabling this feature… Not good for the health of your computer…
    • On other occasions, due to the game thinking that some of the files are stored on the computer, it does not update some of the images in due course from the main servers, and hence some animals might only be visible as black dots… In such cases, you need to remove the feature and then re-enable it again so that it downloads fresh copy from the game server…

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of the feature, don’t come to the conclusion so soon that it is more of a trouble than that of a good feature… Or that it is some kind of a spying machine designed to collect data from your computer… With some proper management, it can be turned into a useful feature… Want to know how? Well, here are some tips…

You can enable ‘Faster Loading’ option if you want… There is a way to manage it so that it can be turned advantageous… Once in every 2 weeks, or as necessary, if you can just clear your flash cache, or just remove the permissions, and then re-enable it again, so that it will be a fresh start and then you will not need to worry about it occupying large amount of space… Here are instructions on how you can do that…

Enabling Faster Loading:
 You need to click the Running Farmer on the loading screen, to enable this feature

That will give you another popup that looks like this:

Permissions that the feature asks for

Just click on Allow, and you are done enabling it…

Now, as I have already mentioned, you need to clear the flash cache frequently, atleast once every 2 weeks, if not often… Doing this will make sure that you get the best from this feature, without making your computer slower… To do this, just click the below link:
It will give you the below options in the webpage:
Screenshot of the settings panel of Flash Player

Select zcache, as in the picture above, and click on delete website… That’s it… Simple, isn’t it? Then you just need to take another few seconds to reload the game and start the ‘Faster Loading’ feature again…

Who needs to use this feature and who can skip it:
Those who have old computers, or have slow internet will find this as a boon if used properly… But those that are short of disk space on their main drive, need to stay away from it as it will fill up space fast, and you will be left with no space to carry out any other activities… Even those that have a pretty fast computer, and also a high speed internet, can skip doing this feature…

Hope that this clears a lot of confusion, and players understand why this was introduced, and how they can use if to their best benefit… That is the objective of this post… Well, keep following the blog for more such updates that will enhance your gameplay to the best levels possible… Till then, Happy Farming...

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  1. What if you play on two different computers?
    The data stored on the last computer would be old data (not current) when you fire up the second computer. I think this may cause loss of the most recent data from the first computer.

    1. what ever is on the comp your playing on will stay the same, it wouln't load whats on another comp on another comp unless you have a network set up and are sharing the saved files. then it's possible

  2. You gave instructions on how to clear your Flash Cache. What if you have Google Chrome which has it's own Flash? And updates Flash itself. Do you use the same link to clear that as well or does it have to be done differently?

    1. ry this sight, step by step guide for cleaning your flash, for all browser types. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-games-video-or.html#main_Flash_Player_information

  3. if i accidentally clicked on it... how would i go about removing it????

    1. http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html

  4. Cross Czech here:

    Thanks for the great info on how to clear Flash Cache. I tried the "Fast Load" option once. Personally didn't like it. I run Firefox with Ad Block Plus enabled. It allows me to disable parts of my farm and effectively let's me do a quick load. It also lets me have control over what I see. The storage option they give means that once my items are loaded, I can't disable them unless I clear cache. Sometimes that's nice. Thanks for all the advice.

  5. When ever my wife or I have tried to enable the load faster option it seemed to work ok for 2 or 3 times then always makes our flash player crash. Have to remove the load faster and uninstall our flash player then reinstall before it will work again. Seems like it corrupts the flash player operating files. Best we have found to use is to just clean the flash cache regularly,ours are on 24/7 so we do it at least every other day, speads up loading and stops alot of the freezing up when posting or sharing, very simple fix, only takes a minute using the run feature of your comp. by the way, we run win xp pro using firefox browser. hope this helps, it did us. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-games-video-or.html#main_Flash_Player_information


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