Farmville Unreleased Animals: 2nd March 2012

There is a whole new lot of unreleased animals scheduled to come soon to Farmville… Have a look at few of them…

Aloha PonyAloha Pony FoalCandy PonyCandy Pony FoalChocolate HorseChocolate Foal
Coral HorseCoral FoalLucky HorseLucky FoalLucky PonyLucky Pony Foal
Mini Aloha HorseMini Aloha FoalMini Shamrock HorseMini Shamrock FoalPink Aloha StallionPink Aloha Stallion Foal
Rainbow PegacornRainbow Pegacorn FoalShamrock PegasusShamrock Pegasus FoalSnorkel PonySnorkel Pony Foal

Cupcake CowCupcake CalfFin CowFin Calf
Leprechaun CowLeprechaun CalfWhitepark CowWhitepark Calf

Aloha RabbitChocolate TurtleClownfishHuladancer HippoLeprechaun CatLeprechaun DuckLeprechaun SquirrelLollypop DuckMulard DuckSpa DuckWhipcream Sheep

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