Spring Fun With Kimberly Quests: Info and Tips

Butterfly Quests Icon
Expected duration of the quests is from 29th March, 2012 to 12th April, 2012… Can also be named as Rose Quests
Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want... Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...

Note: Images will only show up when they are available in the game files…
Quests Info:
Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 1 1. Get 4 Fairy Berries
2. Harvest Horse Paddock 2 times
3. Harvest 50 Rhubarb (16 Hrs Crop)
Fairy Berries
Quest Tips: Any horse paddock on any farm will work for the requirements… Fairy Berries Strawberry Fairy Chicken

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 2 1. Get 6 Flutterbys
2. Harvest Strawberry Fairy Chicken 2 Times
3. Harvest 75 Spinach/Red Spinach (14 Hrs)
Butterfly Fairy Gnomes
Quest Tips: For the Chicken, keep coops ready to harvest on 2 farms where you have shipping license active, and harvest them in there by moving them between farms… Flutterbys Butterfly Fairy Gnome

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 3 1. Get 8 Cookie Pops
2. Harvest 50 Rice/Iced Rice/Double Grain (12 Hrs)
3. Harvest 50 Super/Morning Glory (12 Hrs)
Cookie Pops Mystery Game Dart
Quest Tips: Cookie Pops Mystery Game Dart

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 4 1. Get 8 Egg Hunt Masks
2. Master Strawberry Fairy Chicken to 1st Star (5 Harvests)
3. Harvest 125 Eggplants (2 Day Crop)
Egg Hunt Masks
Quest Tips: For the chicken, use the Coop, or the aviary… remember to travel between farms for access to more ready coops/aviaries and hence, faster mastery… Egg Hunt Masks Egg Hunt Goat

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 5 1. Get 8 Cup Cake Flowers
2. Harvest Egg Hunt Goat 2 times
3. Harvest 150 Blueberries
Cup Cake Flowers
Quest Tips: Harvest the Goat in the Livestock Pens.. For the crops, you can even plant Super Blueberries (4 Hrs), and Super/Chandler Blueberries (8 Hrs) Cup Cake Flowers Firefly Lamp Post

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 6 1. Get 8 Finger Puppets
2. Harvest 75 Fruit Crops
3. Harvest 75 Super/Peanuts (16 Hrs)
Finger Puppets 3 Pack of Turbos
Quest Tips: Raspberry (2 Hrs) for fruits is my favorite… You can plant any other fruit crops alternatively too… Finger Puppets 3 Pack of Turbos

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 7 1. Get 9 Ice Cream Cones
2. Master Egg Hunt Goat to 1st Star (5 Harvests)
3. Harvest 150 Flowers
Ice Cream Cones
Ice Cream Man Gnomes
Quest Tips: Use the Livestock Pens to harvest the Goat faster… Clover and Columbine flowers have shortest harvest times at 4 hrs each… Ice Cream Cones Ice Cream Man Gnome

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 8 1. Get 10 Framed Flowers
2. Harvest any 3 Animal Pens
3. Harvest 150 Lilac/Lilac Daffy
Framed Flowers Farmhands
Quest Tips: Any pens will work, even the bunny hutch… but the Hawaii pens will not count, except for the Aquarium… Framed Flowers Farmhands

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
Butterfly Quests Icon 9 1. Get 12 Bubbly Berries
2. Harvest 100 Corn Crops
3. Harvest 100 Strawberry
Bubbly Berries
Quest Tips: Super Strawberry (4 Hrs) and Red Iceberries (8 Hrs) will also count for Strawberry (4 Hrs)… For corn, Butter & Sugar Corn (12 Hrs), Posole Corn (12 Hrs), Corn (3 Days) will also work Bubbly Berries Berry Fountain

Useful Tips and Info:
Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

Note: If you complete these quests before time, you do get the option to repeat the quests again to try and win the rewards once more... It is your own choice if you want to continue or not...
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  1. "Sandy Kelley
    rerwards need instant grow and coconuts. for quests rwards instead of coins."

    What the hell does this mean???

    "Shyamala Sivaraman
    Give us Instant grow as rewards."

    A FAN site isn't going to give you anything. Maybe you should complain/suggest this to Zynga.

  2. Seems your Policy (the alphabetical ordered quest policy) turned upside down huh!
    You said after the Queso Quests, a quest with "R" will come.
    But its back to "B"
    Policy Gone Wrong!

  3. Can also be called "ROSE QUESTS"

  4. Anon March 25 3:04 AM: are you illiterate or an idiot (or both)?

  5. The code name given by Zynga, and the actual name of the quests are both different... the code still reads 'R'ose quests... while these can be actually called as butterfly quests... there can be different names as when they are unreleased, we don't have the option to know their actual names as such...

  6. Zynga is pretty dumb with the picture they use when they want you to grow fruit crop. They use a basket of fruit with cherries, apples, bananas, oranges, and peaches. None of these are crops, they're trees, and tree fruit doesn't count for the quest.

  7. to bad you cant make the quest go one or two more days so we could get a chance to actually finish it i wont get to finish it i dont think with only 23 hours left

  8. I has recently finished the Alpaca quest, but they don't ask about replaying. How can I do to play again?


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