The Return of the Diamond Ewe

The last time I heard anything about the “Diamond Ewe” was sometime that I don’t even remember now… Did not feel it would make a comeback soon… But the new Lonely Animal on your farm seems to be the long lost & lonely Diamond Ewe… Make sure you get enough help to catch one of them… Else you can even get them from friends posts who have already successfully got enough help for this lonely Ewe…

Remember to share the Diamond Ewe with your friends… 3 people get to claim from the post that you share…

Hope that this article has been informative enough for now…

If you have any issues, feel free to visit our Facebook fan page mentioned below and post your issues there to get possible solutions.... Happy Farming ;)

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  1. I got 5 friends to help, clicked on share and its not in my gift box or on my profile page I tried to contact Zynga but Support seems iut of commission, too. Any ideas?

    1. excuse the typo - "OUT" of commission


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