The NaKeD Dirt Farmer No. 6 Sit down...We need to Talk

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NaKeD Dirt Farmer No. 6: Sit down...We need to Talk

Let's talk about the MONEY TREE:
Okay...So you want to buy the Money Tree. It sounds like FUN and you want it. Who am I to say DON'T DO IT!!!...It's your money or Farm Cash...260 FV$. That's $47.37 US based on a $10 Game card. But let's see what you really get. WOW 520 FV$. Uh, but wait...You alrwady PAID 260 FV$ so that's only a "profit" of 260 FV$. And you won't see it until a year from now. That is, if you don't miss a Harvest. Isn't that the exact same amount of FV$ you'll have NOW if you just don't buy it?
Here are the Facts:
It costs 260 FV$
It harvests every 7 days for a year and then becomes a Decoration
You are limited to ONE Money Tree per Farm (HA)
It is NOT a typical tree...Cannot reproduce in Orchards or Insta Grow
Zynga has a strict NO REFUND policy on this Item

I say DON'T BUY IT...and if you do CAVEAT EMPTOR Let the Buyer Be Ware 

Let's talk about the 5th FARM:
I have heard as many people dreading the new Farm as I have players who are eagerly anticipating the new Farm. I have some interesting speculation ( I said SPECULATION) on the 5th Farm. 
Many are calling it Hawaii...That may be true but I suspect more possibly a generic Tropical Island
One thing I do know for sure is that there will be FISH...Lots of fish,,,Sharks, Dolphins, Jellyfish and they all go into special "lagoon type" Habitats that are underwater. What I'm wondering...Is the Island surrounded by water like a real island? Will there be parts of this farm underwater where you can place these fish.

We also know there will be 2 types of Harvesters, Combines ect. One a LAND HARVESTER and one a WATER HARVESTER...So...Does this mean we will be able to harvest underwater crops or seafood, much like the Cove Harvest

Now...A BIG question I have. This Tropical Island Fish Farm sounds very much like two other Zynga games. Currently very unpopular Zynga Games that are slowly dying. Could this be a way for Zynga to have FARMVILLE absorb FISHVILLE and TREASURE ISLAND?  WOW...That would be a GREAT way for Zynga to save two games that are probably "money pits" at this point. I'm just not sure if they are that smart.

Let's talk about CHAT SUPPORT:
Many of you may have noticed how difficult it is to get a LIVE CHAT AGENT for the paste few weeks. That seems to have changed. According to "zynga sources" the Customer Support Department at Zynga the recent unavailability was due to re-training of Chat Agents and Server Upgrades. For the past few days Chat has been almost "lightning fast"...Let's hope it was a big enough upgrade.

The other CHAT issue is the seemingly stingy attitude of Chat Agents. They went from giving up 100's of FV Cash to not even giving a damn. Well...we can all take some blame for this. It's become a common practice to "con" the Zynga Agents and then brag about it. We really don't need to lie and cheat Zynga...That makes us no better than them. There isn't a single day that I couldn't find a REAL legitimate issue to complain about...My advice...Complain to CHAT when you have a real problem...DO NOT CRY WOLF

Let's talk about FUEL:
Many of you were playing way back when the collection reward was 5 FULL Tanks of Fuel. It was very easy to Hunt the News Feed and collect hundred of FULL Tanks per week. Which ended up as a huge surplus. At one point I hand more than 10,000 FULL tanks of Fuel. Since the end of the old collections I'm down to 6,000 FULL Tanks. We have no easy way to obtain Fuel in mass quantities and we have nearly 5 times the plots to farm. It's time to think Crafting Fuel, Buying Goods, Collecting Eggs (20 FULL Tanks) and snatching Fuel off the News Feed. If you start looking for it now...You won't have to pay later. 

Zynga...If you are listening...We need ways to make Fuel the way we have in the past. This game is demanding on so many levels. Why bring the "real life" stress associated with a Fuel Shortage into the game.

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  1. I like to keep my fuel really high so I will keep crafting it although I have noticed of late that the supply seems to be going down more than usual....just another way Zynga seems to be cutting us short.....I really do not think I want another farm as these 4 take up too much time as it is if I want to plant, craft, help, and harvest all farms....becoming a stress instead of fun with all the Quests and other responsibilities that come with each farm....

  2. Fuel is running short but coins seems really high. So buying lots of goods from the friends and convert to fuel. Really less hassle than crafting.

  3. i love your site. so informative and up to date on every level.
    One thing im wondering if you are able to follow up on is the constant inability to RE-DO the quests.
    Apparently every Quest is re-doable. (according to one support agent, however i did also get contradictory advice from another )even the latest WW one.(altho that did have a slight glitch ..whats new ,,that took you way back to the intro to WW quest, but get past that and you're on your trail again.
    Personally i love the quests. it gives me a direction to farm crops and gain new non market animals and items,and i also love to redo them to get the rewards for each farm, if time permits.
    HOWEVER lately it is a hit or miss that i get the RE-DO
    I accept at the end and patiently wait the new goals to come around, And then zilch
    I have organise my farms to re-harvest all the crops again when that option arises and then bingo its lost.
    i have contacted support and as you say it is a hit or miss what one gets out of it whereas i would just love to re -do the quests and earn the rewards. BUT, they cannot re offer you the chance to do it. Everything is in their bottom less development studio.
    i dont understand how it cannot be re-offered if it was offerable in the first place???

  4. You addressed many of the issues I've been upset over. There's one more...running low on arborist's. I use to get enough to help from stable breeding, which now mostly produces coins, very seldom seeing even one arborist's. If FV is listening, we need to be able to gift these! I'm not buying the Money tree...don't think I'll be playing FV long enough to reap a "profit", although in truth, there would never be a profit from this tree anyway. The quests are ridiculous, too many items required and time frames. I liked the old FV before quests, when we had no quests, and bred many lovely horses. I gave up Frontierville due to quests. Now they want to quest us to death with another farm to spend high FVC on and too little space. They've ruined what once was a FUN game, now making it stressful to me. In the past 3 weeks I've finally begun picking and choosing which quests I want to do and they've become farther and fewer for me which means instead of spending a full day in FV, I'm now down to about 40 minutes, and I feel SO much better! Whewwwwww....

  5. Thanks Dirt, great write-up. Here's one more thought about the Money Tree. People shouldn't think of it as "doubling their Farm Cash" -- they should think of it as a "50% Off Sale." I don't see a real benefit, since Zynga quite often offers Farm Cash for 30% and sometimes 40% off -- and you don't usually have to commit to such BIG chunks of money to get it. Add to the fact that, if you buy during a sale, you have the entire balance up front to do with it as you wish. No running the risk of missing harvests over the course of a year and no worries over whether you're even going to want to PLAY THE GAME a year from now. In short, I totally agree that buying the Money Tree is a bad move.

  6. Yeap I totally agreed with the fact that so many players..or well whom i know and are my neighbours been cheating on zynga just to get whatever they want and tellya that some of them even don't even feel guilty from day to day in fact once they get get what they been looking for in many cases FV cash they proudly announced it in their site and well, really annoying because I for once have the same issue can't even get the zynga CS to report the problem of my farms and have to wait for the e-mail to go through......and how many of the players who think they are smarter than the other have the unreleased stuff on their farms!!

  7. sorry if this is old info .. but you can get 50 fuel refills for 130 zcoins through rewardville - remember it? lol -- with the amount of time most of us spend on the game it's pretty easy to accumulate coins .. i dont know if they are still rewarding coins for playing, but i have over 2000 coins accumulated from playing hopefully that will help in a fuel shortage :)

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I had forgotten about RewardVille until you mentioned it. I went over yesterday and was able to buy 8 or 9 of the 50 fuel refills. HUGE addition to my fuel supply, so, again, thank you.

  8. It would be pretty kool of them to put an off shore oil rig on the 5th farm... ;)

  9. can anyone help me. i have not been able to post for quest items or daily prizes for to weeks now do not know how to contact zanga chat line.

  10. I too have not been able to post for quest items or valentine items. This make it so i can't complete All the hard work for nothing.What is the point of having quests if we can't post for the things we need. It's just not fun anymore.


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