Hawaiin Paradise: Volcano Reef

Just like we had the Train Station in the Winter Farm, the Hawaii farm will be requiring us to build and harvest a Volcano Reef... Here is some details and images that we have to share with you related to this feature of the game

Materials required for upgrading the Volcano Reef – Click to Ask
Stony Coral PiecesVolcano MonitorsBaby Fishes
Note: You will need a total of 268 of each of the above 3 items to fully build your Volcano Reef to level 10

Visual Stages of the Volcano Reef & Icons
Reef Building Icon 0Reef Building Icon 1Reef Building Icon 2Reef Building Icon 3Reef Building Icon 4Reef Building Icon 5Reef Building Icon 6Reef Building Icon 7Reef Building Icon 8Reef Building Icon 9Reef Building Icon 10

Yes… Just like the Winter Farm, harvesting the Volcano Reef will give you rewards…

That’s all the info we have on the Volcano Reef for now… More updates will be published as and when possible…

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