Hawaii Paradise: Chapter 1 (Early Access only)

Expected duration of the quests is from  27th February, 2012 to 5th March, 2012

Note: These quests are specific to the Hawaii Paradise Farm and hence, the quest requirements need to be fulfilled only on the Hawaii Farm (unless changed by Zynga)… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later... The Ask for links for this quest are WORKING at the time of this post…

  Note: If you paid for early access, you will first be getting an introduction quest which will ask you to plow 5 plots of water, plant 10 Kelp on water plots, and also harvest the Volcano Reef once… Then you can proceed with the below quests

Quests Info:
Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-001 1. Get 6 Tiki Torches
2. Harvest 10 Kelp (12 Hrs Crop)
3. Harvest 30 Yellow Hibiscus (6 Hrs Crop)
Farmville Tiki Torches image
Quest Tips: Tiki Torches Hula Girl Gnome

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-002 1. Get 7 Pool Rafts
2. Harvest 40 Taro (4 Hrs Crop)
3. Harvest 10 Mussels (7 Hrs Crop)
Farmville Pool Rafts image
Quest Tips: Pool Rafts Beach Raft Ewe

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-003 1. Get 8 Oars
2. Harvest 10 Yellow Fin Tuna (24 Hrs Crop)
3. Make 2 Poi (in Tiki Bar School)
Farmville Oars image
Quest Tips: Oars Duck Outrigger

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-004 1. Get 9 Diving Masks
2. Harvest 15 Shrimp (16 Hrs Crop)
3. Harvest 50 Yellow Hibiscus (6 Hrs Crop)
Farmville Diving Masks image
Quest Tips: Diving Masks Monkey Pod Tree

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-005 1. Get 10 Flippers
2. Harvest 1 Monkey Pod Tree (Use Orchard)
3. Make 2 Inamona (in Tiki Bar School)
Farmville Flippers image
Quest Tips: Flippers Humpback Whales

Quest Icon Quest Info Item to Ask Reward
hawaiiquests-01-006 1. Get 12 Aqua Microphones
2. Harvest 55 Hawaiian Orchids (3 Days)
3. Harvest Humpback Whale 2 Times
Farmville Aqua Microphones image
Quest Tips: Use the New Aquaria/Water Animal Pen for harvesting the Whale Aqua Microphones Double Rainbow

Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Hawaii Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, unless you see the Hawaii quests icon active on the other farms too…

For all the crafting requirements, please refer this post: 
Tiki Bar: Recipe Requirements and Bushel Links

It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests…
More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

Note: If you complete these quests before time, you do get the option to repeat the quests again to try and win the rewards once more... It is your own choice if you want to continue or not...

Remember to visit our FB page for any doubts, requests, or suggestions, and also share the page with others if you find it helpful...

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  1. Hey Blaize, if you are "SO SICK OF NEW FARMS" why bother playing? This is the way Farmville is going to be from now on, including quests. Maybe it's time to go bye-bye...

  2. just wondering is this the exclusive quest you only get to do if you pay to go?

  3. there was a post earlier from the dirt farmer that starting with chapter II it would be open to all. the ones that spend their money on it do deserve to get something extra. i'm sorry i'm missing out also, but life does go on. you don't have to do the new farm, you don't have to do the quests, you don't have to pay for a damn thing. it's your choice so quit bitching!!!

  4. Mary, for god's sake, stop bitching. No one is forcing you to do anything in the game. If you can't figure out how to produce enough fuel with all the space that is available among the farms, you are one lame player. The farms are going to continue, and so are the quests, so either get used to it or just leave.

  5. I don't think we need to be quite so mean in our treatment of other players. I didn't understand that I could purchase items from others that could be sold for fuel until a friend in real life showed me how. I get tired of all the backbiting and complaining in the games and think it is time to help not degrade each other.

  6. I need some pointers on how to make more coconut coins??? Can some one give me some pointers, please and thanks!

  7. I chose to wait for the Hawaiian Island to be released so while I do not know much about coconut coins, I have noticed that I'm getting a lot of coconuts when I harvest my crops. Not sure what they'll be used for, but maybe they are the coins you speak of. Yesterday when I harvested my crops I got over 5000 coconuts (from 3 of my farms).

    By the way, DIRT FARMER, YOU ROCK! (yes, I'm yelling it at the top of my lungs, lol). THANKS so much for everything you do to help the FV players. I truly enjoy being able to browse your page and see how to prepare for upcoming quests. It has been a HUGE help and has reduced my frustration level. You've made the game what it should be. Zynga should be doing everything that you are to help it's players. Yay for you! Shame on them :(

  8. I
    Hi, can I get a direct email to Zynga I was ripped off 2-3 quests ago cost me 70 bucks and didnt get to complete due to tasks having to be redone..I am finding the same trouble in the finding Love quest I have done tasks twice and harvested 2 - 3 times as they are not registering the last quest wheat i have done 3times now and harvested the pen 3times..this sux..
    thanx love your pages here though thay help heaps..

  9. GIMMIE COCONUTS !!!! I NEED MORE COCONUTS!!! TOO funny :) LOL... Just to let you know I live in Hawaii and we DO NOT live in grass huts :D Hey I agree with a lot of these comments :) If you do not feel like doing the quest or a certain farm then its ALL GOOD, hang loose and do your own thing you can master some different crops, trees and pets :) if you would rather. You CAN DO or not DO the quest really it is your choice :D I do almost every quest BUT I look at it here on DIRT FARMER first and see if any of the prizes i especially like then i decide to do it or not. im not burnt out on quest or farms but the HORSES OMG and i used to buy EVERY horse that came out but 3-5 horses a week and 4-6 trees a week IDK its getting out of hand and not only that i don't even get to enjoy the horses any more like before i just put them in that new pen and don't rotate them like before and see them plus make coin from it as well as nice foals. so i pretty much just buy the nicest ones and i don't gotta get em all anymore. same with all the other stuff they have for actually BUYING im sick of spending 2-4 hundred a month on fvc ... I figure ill save $$$ soon on my fv spending cause the super storage wont go to the new farm and im not buying all the beach stuff again LOL. and i no need to buy different ones, i like the ones i have already. GOOD farming friends and HEY we can all do WHAT WE LIKE just DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND IF IT makes you upset then take a break ITS OK to do that.

  10. I bought the early access and I am not going to have time to finish the quest. One thing takes 3 days to harvest and I am still 2 quests from that, so I think I wasted my money. Oh well, live and learn...

  11. Silly question? I keep getting coconuts when I harvest. However, they are not in my gift box. Where are they being kept and counted?

  12. Trish I have the same question. Maybe they appear when you get the new farm. Coconuts/coconut Coins, can anyone answer that question for us?

  13. Well one would assume that but I got an opening a little while ago that said you could expand your farm with your coconuts and then got another that said you could pay your way to Hawaii with them. Which is why I looked. Sorry this isn't a reply, the link didn't work.

  14. the coconuts are the 'coins' of the Hawaiian farm. The coconuts are being counted and saved for your hawaiian farm and are only visible and usable there.

  15. Thanks so much for that information. I also got the message that I could expand my farm & pay my way to Hawaii so that just confused me more.

  16. If you have to pay your FVcash to get into the new farm I will not be going to Hawaii.

  17. I have been getting coconuts from some of my orchards. Was wondering what they were for and where they went. Another post I read said you could only access Hawaii if you're over level 115? Is there any truth to this statement? Thanks DF -- your information is invaluable with all the quests Zynga is giving us.

  18. On the last part of the quest and it says I have 1 day left, but the task takes 3 days to grow.WTH
    They are always finding ways to make us buy things. Not this time.. Really getting ready to quit all together.


  20. When are we going to get to go to Hawaii,how do we get there without paying?

  21. It is like any time we had a new farm, for a week or 2 if you wanted to go early you paid farmville cash for it. After a week or so; then its opened for everyone for free (however; I do think you need to be a certain level.

    Coconut coins, you can get them from certain crops I guess, and certain trees. Once you get to Hawaii you can use them for purchase of some items in the market, and to expand the Hawaiian farm.

    From what I here; from here on out each year we are supposed to be getting a new farm. LOL. You can pick and choose which mission you choose to do, or not. No one is forcing you to buy all the trees, critters in market place, to do all mission or for that matter even go to a new farm. All of this is entirely up to you.

    I know I used to get all the new trees, horses and cows. Once we started mastering other critters I started to buy them all as well; well seeing as Zynga is adding stuff so fast you can't possibly keep up; and it is high time I decide which ones I really want and which ones I can forgo at the time and also realizing just cause it says limited edition or you only have so much time to get; I am seeing a crap load of stuff that was once upon a time limited (even the 7|11 stuff came back in market again. Also, if the different pens out there it is likely to get a "missing animal" from someone else who purchased it. With trees; just get the lvl 1 (and they are cheaper) and you can grow your own; or pick up on the feed the lvl 2 counter part. Missed a horse and decide now you want it you have foals and calves you can use the grow to adult version (usually a little more expensive if you didn't catch it in market; but if you want it may be well worth it.) But again its your choice.

    As to when is Hawaii opened for all, and for free; I believe with our next update on Monday morning at 12am it will start being slowly released. I do know that those who did pay for early released (myself included) we only have till that update to finish the 1st missions.

    I used to be a serious breeder of horses and trees (I am still with the trees for the most part) and if you go to my home farm all I have on that farm are paddocks, stable, nursery, sheep and pig breeding pens and a few other miscellaneous things and tree galore (the trees are laid out for the most part like this) paddock, tree, paddock, tree all through that farm and I am saving up for next and final expansion for 5 million. No crops at all! and not much for deco's either (if any). Each paddock only has 1 type of horse in it; so I can go through and attempt to breed them. Still trying to figure out with horses are for sure stable friendly and which ones have to be in paddocks.

  22. it annoys me so much when people complain about new farms being released for early access if people want to pay for it. Zynga is a business and they will give it to you for free later.

    and please remember its the people who pay for stuff that allow others to play for free because without a income for the game than they wouldn't be able to pay for staff etc.

  23. the link for stable unfriendly horses as found on this site


  24. my only complaint is that the quest didn't work for me in Hawaii and while they gave me credit for the one quest that caused the trouble that really didn't help me because that didn't leave me time to complete the rest of the quest without spending more fv cash which i chose not to do as I feel the rewards are not worth it. So my choice and hence i do not understand why everyone complains so much....it is your choice....and always will be...

  25. Hw do I get connected to LIVE CHAT again. I made the mistake of putting the MONKEY POD tree on home farm, as that is where I harvest trees, and it did NOT say LOCKED TO HAWAII, now Hawaii farm will not recognize the harvest on home farm. Stuck on Level 5 in Hawaii...no way out. Can't BUY a new monkey pod tree, sooooooo... thanks for any LIVE CHAT info, I have sent them an email, but that doesn't ever seem to go anywhere at all, kinda like Dell! TY

  26. I bought early access to the new farm on Thursday night. Zynga did not provide enough time for the quests though as it expires sometime tonight (Sunday). After planting and harvesting taro continuously (for crafting poi...you need a total of 18), I only got one bushel at a time. None of my neighbours were growing it either and there never was a button to post it...not that that works anyway. So if I was to plant/harvest every 4 hours in a 24 hour period, it would still take 3 full days to get the 18 bushels needed. And, the orchids take 3 days!! I don't understand what Zynga was thinking with these Hawaiian quests. I think the only ones who have completed all the quests have been on FV 24 hours a day.

  27. Ive been wanting to do the quest a second time but they wont let me It doesnt show up Is there any way I can do them again Im almost done with one of the quests

  28. I agree with anonymous two above me. Even with forging the link for taro bushels from iced rice bushels which works incidentally, I had a lot more trouble with yellow fin tuna till someone worked it out and posted under the bushel links. I have still used my remaining farmcash to speed up a harvest of the orchard and the aquarium to finish. Why did I get stuck? Steady attrition of FV friends and an apparent long delay between requests for materials and getting them delayed the orchard (& mystery boxes bias away from anything needed for a quest). I am only spending at all because I am about to take a long break from FV! It is too much.

  29. so...according to predictions, we were expecting new farm to appear on the 5th of february. its already 6th feb here... and still nothing. how funny...

  30. sorry.... correction for above..MARCH!

  31. when can i sell my EXTRA FUEL or do something with it besides it just sitting in my box please give me something to do with it FV

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