Farmville: The Near Future

Plenty of new events and features are being found to be in the works at the Zynga Labs… We expect them to arrive sometime soon… Till then, here is a sneak peak at things to come

Carnival Mini Booth: A one stop point for all FV Mini Games?


New Farm requires new protection, aka, New Unwither Ring:

Looks like we have another of the exclusive ‘FC Doubling’ Money items… This time it’s a Money Plant… ( Maybe next would be Money Leaf? )

Well, that the latest that we have got to share with you… Do you think that Farmville is releasing too many things without breaks? Well, it’s a topic worth debating…

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  1. I totally think that they are releasing too many things too quickly. If you blink you miss so much stuff. bleh

  2. keeps the game from getting boring...and the housework from getting complete :/


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