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Hi Farmers… I am back with another article that aims at enhancing your gaming experience… We had one before where we spoke of some basics to make sure that you are doing things right at your end… Well, this article is a totally different one from the previous one… This one focuses on how to have a healthy gameplay experience… Confused? Well, just read on…

Wondering why this article is necessary? Well, this is something that not just gamers, but everyone else who uses computers for long durations needs to follow… We at Dirt Farmer, care for your health as much as we care to provide you with the best info possible about this game…

“Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death” – Buddha

Computer gaming has a long history, and it has been continuing in various stages just because it offers good entertainment for any duration of time… We all enjoy gaming in one form or the other… But do you realize the health issues that break-free and longer hours of gameplay can cause to your body and its health? Well, we can classify these health issues arising from improper gaming habits as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) is a common/blanket term that is used for several conditions which involves damage done to one or more of the muscles, bones, nerves or soft tissue due to constant, recurring motions. Like any injury, they are generally easier to prevent than to treat once they have become entrenched. Repetitive strain injuries can result in permanent nerve damage and disability. RSIs caused by computer use are generally in the hands, wrists, neck and shoulders, and include the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome, a compression and irritation of the median nerve responsible for sensation in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Well, we shall not go in details about all these medical terms…

Here are some ergonomic tips for remaining pain-free while playing the game:
First and foremost, if you are having pain while playing, you need to rest from the activity. If painful, use cold packs for 10-15 minutes after play to control inflammation and spasms:
  • Take 10-15 minute breaks for every hour of play.
  • Stretch often.
  • Perform 15-20 minutes of cardio activity daily to improve circulation and increase oxygen flow to the arms.
  • Use pillows to support the arms when playing.
  • Use the lightest touch possible when activating the controller.
  • Try to keep the arms relaxed and the controller positioned close to your lap rather than having your arms fly up towards your chest.
  • Try to alternate more intense games or play sequences with those that are less intense.
  • The room should have adequate lighting. There should be no glare on the screen.
  • Prevent eye strain by following the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of play, focus for 20 seconds on an object 20 feet away.

Proper posture plays an important role too when it comes to speaking of good gaming habits… Below are few images that explain most of the proper postures, improper postures, and tips on how to make sure you have a comfortable gaming session…

Well, that’s all we have to share with you for now… Remember… Health is the most important aspect in life… Only when you have a good health can you enjoy the beauty of life… Remember to share this article with all your dear ones, whether they play games or not… It can save someone from a lot of trouble…

Well, that’s all for now… We shall keep making regular posts in this series from time to time… Don’t forget to share with your friends and help enhance their gameplay experience too…

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Hope that this article has been informative enough…
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  1. Think your system with farmville sucks can't complete request cause of their problems happened before and took them 3 months to fix their errors and it's happening again seems like I'm not suppose to play this game yet they got my hard earned money to play tell me thats fair and when I go to get help here it's down go figure

  2. Thanks for all your helpful tips. I must admit to being guilty of quite a few no no's Keep it up We appreciate you greatly!

  3. Nice to have some positive insight into the art of 'Gaming' - thank you!

  4. Confused about the last illustration. Feet flexed not on floor is supposed to be bad, and yet shows bent knee to be bad as well. Isn't the knee bent even with both feet flat on the floor? What am I missing here?! Thanks

  5. illustration shows how not to position legs for long periods of time ... circulation issue with knee flexed back too far (or legs crossed) impinges blood supply from the femerol/popletial artery as simply stated above... flexed without full sole of foot on froor causes pressure to joints either ankle joints or mtp (toe) joints depending on position :)

  6. It seems to me that before they start new quests and projects to build they should have it that you should have unlimited times you can ask your neighbors for things. Also they shouldn't have so many quests at one time and to make sure they work 100% before they start them. They are becoming more of a drudge than fun

  7. Hi dirt farmer,can we get the previous "enhancing your game play?" as I missed that one,a reminder would be great & thanks for all the brilliant help & tips you give,I personally would be lost without you guys!!! :D

  8. excellent post !! i like it an its was very useful as par screen distance and a notebook for ur foot rest is a great idea!! thx again very usefull and helpful!!

  9. I do so agree with you and the 'extra clicking is ergonomically incorrect :)..one of the reasons I think they added the auto post but if you put items in a group ..doesnt do much good..and as far as I know I cannot permanently set my share/post to group only..it has to be 'each time' individually argggggggh :)..but great tips ty

  10. Understand ergonomics and all (used to write articles about it myself when I worked at a law firm and was a member of wellness committee), but I HATE AUTO POSTS. A big joy of this game is the social interaction - and it is being taken away from us more and more. I want to get to know my neighbors. I want to make sure they get gifts they need and want. I want to make comments when I send a gift or post an item. I have been typing for over 40 years, worked as a word processor (both a reg. job., ot at reg. job and add'l jobs from 1977 until 2002 and have continued working on computers part time as blogger, poster and game players since then. Have never had carpal tunnel - one must just pay attention. My main problem is crossing my legs (lap tops!) and cutting off circulation to feet or (embarrassing) falling asleep and hitting my head on computer (have a few knots from that LOL). But we DO NOT need to give FV more control as the social aspect of this game is what gives it its life to so many of us. If you choose that route, fine, but leave the rest of us alone!!

  11. Don't prop on your elbows!!! I pinched a nerve in my elbow and now my ring and pinky fingers are permanently numb!


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