NaKeD Dirt farmer: No.5 DIRT'S RULES

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No.5 Vol.1: DIRT'S RULES

I'm a big fan of LIFE RULES. I have my own list of "rules" that I never break. Well, that I sometimes never break. When I do I always seem to regret it and solidify that the RULE was needed. I'm also a fan of GIBB'S RULES...If you don't know don't ask...Long story. So I decided to create a list of FARM RULES. Just a handy philosophical guide to a Farmville Mind Set. I hope you find them helpful

# 1 Play your Game your way
...We say it all the time. Don't feel compelled to "keep up with the Jones" play at your own pace and have fun
# 2 Never Screw your Neighbors
...Some people take this game and their online reality very seriously. Do onto others.
# 3 Never Apologize...It's a Sign of Weakness
...Okay, not FV related but still good advice...When you follow this seeming RUDE way of thinking. You find yourself avoiding being in the wrong...You find yourself being a better person.
# 4 Don't Boast Bad
...It's one thing to HACK, which I don't recommend, but don't brag about it. You're asking for TROUBLE if you do 
# 5 If you think Zynga has the upper hand...Break it
...Very simple. Don't let them cheat you in any way, shape or form.
# 6 Always work as a Team
...Sure, we play alone but through Groups, friends and other various networks we can achieve so much more in this game
# 7 Never take anything for granted
...Your computer, your farm, your friends all are important and need to be treated well.
# 8 Never give Yourself
...YOU are your facebook profile, as far as FV is concerned, so do not ever give anyone your password. You give your password and you may loose your farm.
# 9 If it's too Good to be True...It is
...Don't fall for SCAMS. Some may be harmless but they make you look like someone who will eventually get HACKED and threaten your neighbors
#10 Information is King
...Unreleased items, Quest Guides, Game Tips and everything else you need to know makes your game easier and more fun. (hint) I use the Dirt Farmer
#11 Don't Waste Good
...Even useless items may end up being desperately needed one day. Long time players may remember the 2nd Nursery. We didn't really "need it" but when they took it away they gave use 150 FV$. Never waste GOOD
#12 Handle Rejection Wisely
...So somebody Blocked you. Get over it. There are 40 million players 
#13 Never Fear 
...There are people out there who love to scare you. They may threaten you or tell you made up stories called HOAX's. It's the internet...pfffft
#14 Plan your Work...Work your Plan
...Again good life advice. In FV it's simple. Plan ahead then do it.
#15  Never HATE the Player...Hate the ZYNGA
...We the PLAYERS have enough grief and misery over this game...DO NOT add to another Players troubles

Good Men don't need Rules
Today is not the Day to find out why I have so many 

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  1. "Gibb's Rules" RAWK!

    Thanks for the reminders. I share "The Dirt" with all my FV buddies!

  2. Apologizing is not a sign of weakness...........

  3. I agree with all rules except number 3. To apologize is not a sign of weakness, it is sign of strong character, respect, maturity and nobility. Bea :)

  4. they took my nursery--and I never got a dime--glad someone got $150!!

  5. #3 is Gibbs rule, good reason behind it. This list is awesome, ty!

  6. honestly why would apologizing make you show weakness... I think that is a grate trait to have.


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