Dirt's Orchard Index : Farmville Tree List (Vol 1)

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One of the widely awaited new items in the game have been trees… Over the period of its existence, Farmville has released hundreds of trees, and keeping track of them all is nearly impossible… There was a time when the new trees were rare, but now, there are around 15-20+ trees released every week… Still, the enthusiasm for more new trees seems to be the craze right now…

Here is an attempt from The Dirt Farmer team to bring forward a list of all the trees that ever existed in this game… To keep things simple to find, the trees that are the oldest have been listed under Volume 1, and those that are the latest have been listed under the last volume in the series… As time passes, the volumes of this tree database may increase, but we shall make every attempt to keep this list updated with the latest content… To make navigation better, we have added links to each of the Volumes, so that you need to just find one post to be connected to all of them… Just click the corresponding numbers below to take you to the respective volume:

Note: Newest additions to the list will be at the bottom of the post…

Level 1 Tree
Mastery Requirements
Level 2 Tree
Mastery Requirements
Asian Pear 113+226+339=678 Shinko Pear Tree 113+226+339=678
Lychee Tree 75+150+225=450 Longan Tree Longan Tree 75+150+225=450
Coconut Tree 50+100+150=300 Golden Malayan Coconut Tree Golden Malayan Coconut Tree 50+100+150=300
Tamarind Tree Tamarind Tree 113+226+339=678 Amherstia Tree Amherstia Tree 113+226+339=678
Arjuna Tree 75+150+225=450 Indian Laurel Tree Indian Laurel Tree 75+150+225=450
White Apple Tree 113+226+339=678 Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree 113+226+339=678
Rainbow Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree 113+226+339=678
Jackfruit Tree 75+150+225=450 Singapore Jackfruit Tree Singapore Jackfruit Tree 75+150+225=450
Mandarin Tree 57+114+171=342 Blood Orange Tree Blood Orange Tree 57+114+171=342
Ornament Tree I 113+226+339=678 Ornament Tree II 113+226+339=678
Red Maple Tree 113+226+339=678 Silver Maple Tree Silver Maple Tree 113+226+339=678
Silver Maple Tree Yellow Maple Tree 113+226+339=678 Silver Maple Tree Silver Maple Tree 113+226+339=678
Maple Tree Maple Tree 75+150+225=450 Silver Maple Tree Silver Maple Tree 113+226+339=678
Acai Tree 75+150+225=450 Peach Palm Tree Peach Palm Tree 75+150+225=450
Cherry Tree 113+226+339=678 Rainier Cherry Tree Rainier Cherry Tree 113+226+339=678
Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree 113+226+339=678
Orange Tree 57+114+171=342 Blood Orange Tree Blood Orange Tree 57+114+171=342
Plum Tree 75+150+225=450 Golden Plum Tree Golden Plum Tree 75+150+225=450
Fig Tree 75+150+225=450 Alma Fig Tree Alma Fig Tree 75+150+225=450
Peach Tree 57+114+171=342 Elberta Peach Tree Elberta Peach Tree 57+114+171=342
Avocado Tree 75+150+225=450 Hass Avocado Tree Hass Avocado Tree 75+150+225=450
Lemon Tree 75+150+225=450 Ponderosa Lemon Tree Ponderosa Lemon Tree 75+150+225=450
Apricot Tree Apricot Tree 57+114+171=342 Golden Apricot Tree Golden Apricot Tree 57+114+171=342
Lime Tree 45+90+135=270 Key Lime Tree Key Lime Tree 45+90+135=270
Grapefruit Tree 113+226+339=678 Star Ruby Grapefruit Tree Star Ruby Grapefruit Tree 113+226+339=678
Banana Tree 113+226+339=678 Cuban Banana Tree Cuban Banana Tree 113+226+339=678
Passion Fruit Tree 68+136+204=408 Yellow Passion Fruit Tree Yellow Passion Fruit Tree 68+136+204=408
Date Tree 113+226+339=678 Bahri Date Tree Bahri Date Tree 113+226+339=678
Pomegranate Tree 68+136+204=408 Angel Red Pomegranate Tree Angel Red Pomegranate Tree 68+136+204=408
Olive Tree 85+170+255=510 Mission Olive Tree Mission Olive Tree 85+170+255=510
Mango Tree 85+170+255=510 Manila Mango Tree Manila Mango Tree 85+170+255=510
Ginkgo Tree 113+226+339=678 Autumn Ginkgo Tree Autumn Ginkgo Tree 113+226+339=678
Starfruit Tree 57+114+171=342 Golden Starfruit Tree Golden Starfruit Tree 57+114+171=342
Cashew Tree 75+150+225=450 Wild Cashew Tree Wild Cashew Tree 75+150+225=450
Durian Tree 57+114+171=342 Chanee Durian Tree Chanee Durian Tree 57+114+171=342
Walnut Tree 113+226+339=678 White Walnut Tree White Walnut Tree 113+226+339=678
Guava Tree 113+226+339=678 Ruby Guava Tree Ruby Guava Tree 113+226+339=678
Almond Tree 75+150+225=450 Dwarf Almond Tree Dwarf Almond Tree 75+150+225=450
Gulmohar Tree 75+150+225=450 Mountain Ebony Tree Mountain Ebony Tree 75+150+225=450
Breadfruit Tree 75+150+225=450 Breadnut Tree Breadnut Tree 75+150+225=450
Heirloom Apple Heirloom Apple Tree 113+226+339=678 Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree 113+226+339=678
Wax Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree 113+226+339=678
Caramel Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Big Caramel Apple Big Caramel Apple Tree 75+150+225=450
Cottoncandy Tree 75+150+225=450 Bubble Gum Tree Bubble Gum Tree 75+150+225=450
Snow Cone Tree 75+150+225=450 Bubble Gum Tree Bubble Gum Tree 75+150+225=450
Pine Tree Pine Tree 113+226+339=678 White Pine Tree White Pine Tree 113+226+339=678
Sugar Plum Tree 75+150+225=450 Mint Candy Tree Mint Candy Tree 75+150+225=450
Mistletoe Tree Mistletoe Tree 75+150+225=450 Ornament Tree Ornament Tree 75+150+225=450
Confetti Tree Confetti Tree 75+150+225=450 Disco Ball Tree Disco Ball Tree 75+150+225=450
Holiday Tree Holiday Tree 75+150+225=450 Ornament Tree II Ornament II Tree 113+226+339=678
Chestnut Tree 75+150+225=450 Hazelnut Tree Hazelnut Tree 75+150+225=450
Sitka Spruce Tree 75+150+225=450 Red Alder Red Alder Tree 75+150+225=450
Pink Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum 75+150+225=450 Giant Bubblegum Giant Bubblegum 75+150+225=450
Cinnamon Heart Tree Cinnamon Heart Tree 75+150+225=450 Heart Candy Tree Heart Candy Tree 75+150+225=450
Giant Cinnamon Heart Giant Cinnamon Heart Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Heart Candy Giant Heart Candy Tree 75+150+225=450
Chocolate Heart Tree Chocolate Heart Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Chocolate Heart Giant Chocolate Heart Tree 75+150+225=450
Cocoa Tree Cocoa Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Cocoa Tree Giant Cocoa Tree 75+150+225=450
Fortune Tree Fortune Tree 75+150+225=450 Chinese Lantern Tree Chinese Lantern Tree 75+150+225=450
Black Cherry Tree Black Cherry Tree 75+150+225=450  Giant Black Cherry Tree Giant Black Cherry Tree 75+150+225=450
Golden Apple Tree Golden Apple Tree 75+150+225=450  Giant Golden Apple Tree Giant Golden Apple Tree 75+150+225=450
 Sour Apple Tree Sour Apple Tree 75+150+225=450  Giant Sour Apple Tree Giant Sour Apple Tree 75+150+225=450
Mardi Gras Tree Mardi Gras Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Mardi Gras Giant Mardi Gras Tree 75+150+225=450
Mac&Cheese Tree Mac&Cheese Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Mac&Cheese Giant Mac&Cheese Tree 75+150+225=450
Rainbow Tree Rainbow Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Rainbow Tree Giant Rainbow Tree 75+150+225=450
Lucky Cookies Tree Lucky Cookies Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Lucky Cookies Giant Lucky Cookies Tree 75+150+225=450
Dogwood Tree Dogwood Tree 75+150+225=450 Pink Dogwood Tree Pink Dogwood Tree 75+150+225=450
Candy Apple Tree Candy Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Candy Apple Tree Giant Candy Apple Tree 75+150+225=450
Damson Tree Damson Tree 75+150+225=450 Crab Apple Tree Crab Apple Tree 75+150+225=450
English Elm English Elm 75+150+225=450 Wych Elm Wych Elm 75+150+225=450
Cherry Plum Tree Cherry Plum Tree 75+150+225=450 European Pear Tree European Pear Tree 75+150+225=450
Juniper Tree Juniper Tree 75+150+225=450 European Beech European Beech 75+150+225=450
Silver Birch Tree Silver Birch Tree 75+150+225=450 Downy Birch Tree Downy Birch Tree 75+150+225=450
White Willow Tree White Willow Tree 75+150+225=450 Crack Willow Tree Crack Willow Tree 75+150+225=450
Yew Tree Yew Tree 75+150+225=450 Oak Tree Oak Tree 75+150+225=450
Spring Egg Tree Spring Egg Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Spring Egg Tree Giant Spring Egg Tree 75+150+225=450
Wedding Tree Wedding Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Wedding Tree Giant Wedding Tree 75+150+225=450
Ribbon Flower Tree Ribbon Flower Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Ribbon Flower Tree Giant Ribbon Flower Tree 75+150+225=450
Royal Crystal Tree Royal Crystal Tree 75+150+225=450
Hawthorn Tree Hawthorn Tree 75+150+225=450 Midland Hawthorn Tree Midland Hawthorn Tree 75+150+225=450
Magnolia Tree Mangolia Tree 75+150+225=450 Purple Magnolia Tree Purple Mangolia Tree 75+150+225=450
Wild Cherry Tree Wild Cherry Tree 75+150+225=450 Bird Cherry Tree Bird Cherry Tree 75+150+225=450
Rowan Tree Rowan Tree 75+150+225=450 Ash Tree Ash Tree 75+150+225=450
Scots Pine Tree Scots Pine Tree 75+150+225=450 Red Pine Tree Red Pine Tree 75+150+225=450
Gem Tree Gem Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Gem Tree Giant Gem Tree 75+150+225=450
Jewel Tree Jewel Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Jewel Tree Giant Jewel Tree 75+150+225=450
Chrome Apple Tree Chrome Apple Tree 75+150+225=450 Chrome Cherry Tree Chrome Cherry Tree 75+150+225=450
Pink Gem Tree Pink Gem Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Pink Gem Tree Giant Pink Gem Tree 75+150+225=450
Gem Fruit Tree Gem Fruit Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Gem Fruit Tree Giant Gem Fruit Tree 75+150+225=450
Big Chrome Apple Big Chrome Apple 75+150+225=450 Big Chrome Cherry Big Chrome Cherry 75+150+225=450
Irish Strawberry Tree Irish Strawberry Tree 75+150+225=450 Chinese Strawberry Tree Chinese Strawberry Tree 75+150+225=450
Gorse Tree Gorse Tree 75+150+225=450 Boom Tree Boom Tree 75+150+225=450
Service Tree Service Tree 75+150+225=450 Wild Service Tree Wild Service Tree 75+150+225=450
Giant Gorse Tree Giant Gorse Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Boom Tree Giant Boom Tree 75+150+225=450
Cupcake Tree Cupcake Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Cupcake Tree Giant Cupcake Tree 75+150+225=450
Giant Confetti Tree Giant Confetti Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Disco Ball Tree Giant Disco Ball Tree 75+150+225=450
Purple Bubble Gum Tree Purple Bubble Gum Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Purple Bubble Gum Tree Giant Purple Bubble Gum Tree 75+150+225=450
Red Gem Tree Red Gem Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Red Gem Tree Giant Red Gem Tree 75+150+225=450
Icecream Tree Icecream Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Icecream Tree Giant Icecream Tree 75+150+225=450
Giant Cotton Candy Tree Giant Cotton Candy Tree 75+150+225=450 Giant Snowcone Tree Giant Snowcone Tree 75+150+225=450
Honey Locust Trees Honey Locust Tree 75+150+225=450 Black Locust Trees Black Locust Tree 75+150+225=450

Note: The below 2 trees are harvestable, but don’t give any mystery seeds, and are not yet breedable… Hover mouse over them to know their names…
Persimmon TreeCarnival Tree

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  1. I love how people are sitting here asking for you guys to add more, but they're not grateful for the time you took to make this.

  2. I thank you for your efforts. At least now I know why I got what I did when I planted and raised those tree types. I also got some from other farmers' posts.

    Very nice job you do here. Thank you and keep doing what you enjoy doing.

    Dr. Electro, AKA Randy Holley

  3. Thank you for all the time & effort that you put into this for us players :) I for one really appreciate it.

  4. Wonderful work! TY for all the infos! ;) I've made a list for my tree sharing group and know how many time I've spent to get all the trees/pics/infos together. Is there any chance/document to get them in aplphabetical order or only sorted by theme? Thanks again ;)

  5. Please make these tree lists printable !!! I would love to have the list to compare with what I have on my farm!!

  6. thanks soooo much this was so helpful!!!!!!! did a great job!!!!!

  7. Thank you very much. Are more coming?

    1. More trees will be added to this list latest Volume, as and when they are seen in the game files...

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this list! I am also glad to see that someone else besides me knows what the persimmon tree looks like. I only have one and don't remember where I got it, but I've had it for a long time.

    1. The Pesimmon tree was part of the 711 promo which happened during 2010... you must have redeemed a 711 code for the tree to get that one for your farm

  9. Ok I made a post earlier but no longer see it... but I do see the button to publish to adobe :) i missed it when i was going over this... But this is awesome, I do need to offer up my appreciation for all that everybody does at The Dirt Farmer. much appreciation AustiousGal :)

  10. Not sure, the hover over to see name feature is not working for me, but I think the tree you posted at the bottom, (mardi gras or giant mardi gras) that says it will not produce seedlings of itself is incorrect... I have produced many seeds from mine. :-) TY soo much for all the hard work you all do. :-)

    1. Probably some messup with the coding of the post... should set it right soon and the hover to see the name should be back for all images... as for the last 2 trees, one is the Persimmon Tree from the 711 promotion, and the other is a Carnival Tree (not Mardi gras, which is a different tree)... The Carnival will not reproduce itself...

    2. Hi Anonymous .. The tree you're referring to has the same name as the ones that WILL go into the orchards, and looks very similar, but it is in fact a Mardi Gras Tree that WILL NOT go into an orchard, so the info the Dirt Farmer posted is in fact correct. I know, because I have one of the Mardi Gras Trees on my farm that is pictured at the bottom of Volume 1. It can be harvested for coins, but it doesn't count towards any mastery, and it will NOT go into an orchard. This tree I have had on my farm for 2 years now (since BEFORE they even INTRODUCED the orchards!) If you look carefully at the pic on the bottom of the blog, you will notice under the stem of the tree, there are 2 little marionette dolls on either side of the tree, and under all that, there is a rectangular "platform" that serves as the base of the tree. The Mardi Gras Tree you have that CAN be bred in the orchards, only has a single tree trunk, no "platform". A very subtle difference that is hard to spot when you see the 2 trees standing side-by-side, but they are in fact 2 different trees with the same name! Thanks Dirt Farmer for doing your research so well .. the volumes are awesome as they are!! ;)

  11. Thanks for your hard work! If possible could the list be in alphabetical order and printable?

  12. yes yes yes, i agree with annonymous,
    absolutely awesome brilliant hard work and very highly praised
    i would also love some how to have maybe the volumes listed as A B C D etc as many as you can put in a volume, but in ALPHABETICAL ORDER TOOO and i love the idea of printable, i am forever making lists and this way i can tick off those i have mastered etc and those i need to concentrate on

    1. Thanks for the appreciation... Just to let you know, making an alphabetical list is not a big issue, but maintaining the list and updating it every time there is a new one is the issue... We are just passionate farmers like you, and we all have some or the other job, family or some other real life duties to take care of... Maintaining the lists as you say would require us to make this a full time job, which we don't want to do... We love to share info for the fun and satisfaction of it, and not for monetary gains... Hence, to simplify things a bit, we have put the trees in volumes as per their arrival into the game... so, the old ones are in volume 1, while the latest ones will be listed under Volume 3 (unless we make a new volume)...

      As a tip, I would like to state a few things that might help you to navigate these guides better... as we have mentioned the names for all the trees in all the volumes, you should be able to check for any specific ones just by typing their proper name in the search bar at the right hand of the blog... alternatively, you can open up one of the volumes, let it load, and then press 'Ctrl+F' to bring up search for that specific page and try to search for the name... if not available, go to the other volume and check there... etc... As for printing the lists, we are currently working on the possibility of the same and may get some good news for everyone soon... Just stay tuned... Happy Farming ;)

    2. thankyou for this detailed response, i appreciate that yes making the list alphabetical and updating it would be mind boggling so thanks for the other options to check on trees, one does or doesnt have .
      the control F is a marvelous tool that i keep forgetting to use ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE to track something down on a window of information

  13. What a great job you did on this. I am a tree buyer/lover. Now if they (FV) would let us purchase the ones we are missing, that would be just awsome!!
    Thank you so very much for all your hard work.

  14. Just wanted to say....Thank You....for the tree index....have searched the web but could never find a sight with the full tree guide....Thanks Again...luv it:)

  15. thankyouso much. can I printtheselist some how?

  16. can you please tell me what are these addition numbers in the mastery column ?? thank you very much

    1. Those have to be the number of harvests for level 1, 2 and 3 (when you get the mastery sign) for each one of the trees.

  17. Those have to be the number of harvests for level 1, 2 and 3 (when you get the mastery sign) for each one of the trees.

  18. Some one posted there was an Adobe button to save/print....I haven't found it.....trying to find a way to save lists without buying or downloading trial programs. Can you help me out on how to save the lists? Thank you!

  19. Hello, I love that you all took the time to do this to make it easier for all of us. I appreciate all the hard work you put into it. As I cross referenced your list with all the trees I have to see which ones I'm missing I seen a few of them that are mislabeled. The Halloween tree and Big Halloween tree are called Trick or Treat tree and Big Trick or Treat tree, the Irish Strawberry tree is just Strawberry tree and the Sculpted tree is a Frozen tree.

    1. Thank you again by the way for all the hard work and effort all of you have out into making these lists for all of us to be able to use :D

  20. thank you so much for doing so much work for these lists. I was just wondering if you had a running list of all the trees out there without the extra data (what they give as seedlings, time to harvest, coins earned, etc) thanks again.

  21. Thanks for doing this! Looking back on the 1st Orchard Index, I long for the time when you could buy trees for farmcash. Zynga has also raised the prices - used to be able to buy trees for 5 FV bucks; now most are 8. I get mine from friends and the main wall now.

  22. To the person who wants them in alphabetical order, type the list up in Excel and then you can sort it however you like. That's what I did. :)

    Thanks for the great list. Unless the tree's name is spelled wrong, you have Mangolia instead of Magnolia.

  23. Thank you so much for this and for all the indices. I've been away from the game for a long time and there's a lot of new stuff. And of course I forgot most of what I knew before my hiatus hehehe Thanks again for this! I know how much hard work went into this and I really, really appreciate it!

  24. THANK you for the blood, sweat, and tears put into this. It is appreciated!!!!

  25. Does a printable list of the trees exist? I would try to copy this but don't need the pictures & the mastery requirements. Thank you so much.

  26. thank you for all the work you do to make farmville a great game,its a game an people dont relise that an just like life games have bad day an good days nothing is perfect its life so enjoy be thankful you have somthing to ocupy your lesure time its just a game enjoy,,,hugs


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