Farmville Bushels: Links to send bushels as gifts to friends

Bushels Gifting

Tip to using these links:

These are only links to send bushels to friends, not to request from there are there are no such links available as yet... As a Tip, you can use the link, and paste it to your wall, or friends and ask them to send you those bushels instead for better and quicker response... Also, you can use search function (Ctrl+F) to easily search for the names of the bushels, and no longer hover over them to find the right one...

Note: Make sure you have enough free space in the market stalls to accommodate the bushels before you accept the gifts, else they will be lost...

Note: The Links to gift bushels are not working currently as they have been deactivated by Zynga...

Jade Falls Farm Bushels

Azuki Bushels Bamboo Bushels Chinese Cotton Bushels Imperial Tea Bushels White Cloud Tea Bushels Lemongrass Bushels Edamame Bushels
Jade Bamboo
Chinese Cotton
Imperial Tea
White Cloud Tea
Lowland Ginger Bushels
Bok Choy Bushels
Jade Peanut Bushels
Sichuan Pepper Bushels
Chinese Daikon Bushels
Imperial Rice Bushels
Lotus Bushels
Lowland Ginger
Bok Choy
Jade Peanut
Sichuan Pepper
Chinese Daikon
Imperial Rice
Millet Bushels
Sticky Rice Bushels
Wasabi Bushels
Water Chestnut Bushels
Squid Bushels
Grouper Bushels
Hamachi Bushels
Sticky Rice
Water Chestnut
Prawns Bushels
Ramen Bushels
Rock Cod Bushels
Saba Bushels
Nori Bushels
Chinese Eggplant Bushels
Forbidden Tea Bushels
Rock Cod
Chinese Eggplant
Forbidden Tea
Forbidden Eggplant Bushels Forbidden Calamari Bushels Forbidden Rock Cod Bushels Forbidden Daikon Bushels Forbidden Chestnut Bushels Horseradish Bushels Green Onion Bushels
Forbidden Eggplant Forbidden Calamari Forbidden Rock Cod Forbidden Daikon Forbidden Chestnut Horseradish Green Onion
Sesame Bushels Scallop Bushels
Sesame Scallop

Hawaii Farm Bushels

Taro Bushels Hilo Pineapple Bushels Kona Coffee Bushels Yam Bushels Lilikoi Bushels Double Pikake Bushels Yellow Hibiscus Bushels
Taro Hilo Pineapple Kona Coffee Yam Lilikoi Double Pikake Yellow Hibiscus
Golden Sugar Cane Bushels Hawaiian Orchid Bushels Oyster Bushels Hawaiian Ginger Bushels Kelp Bushels Shrimp Bushels Yellow Fin Tuna Bushels
Golden Sugar Cane Hawaiian Orchid Oyster Hawaiian Ginger Kelp Shrimp Yellow Fin Tuna
Ono Bushels Mussel Bushels Rock Crab Bushels Royal Taro Bushels
Ono Mussel Rock Crab Royal Taro

Other Farm Bushels
Tomato Bushel Watermelon Bushel Pattypan Bushel Pineapple Bushel Morning Glory Bushel Bell Pepper Bushel Pepper Bushel
Tomato Watermelon Pattypan Pineapple Morning Glory Bell Pepper Pepper
Grape Bushel Red Tulip Bushel Cranberry Bushel Eggplant Bushel Soybean Bushel Wheat Bushel Peanut Bushel
Grape Red Tulip Cranberry Eggplant Soybean Wheat Peanut
Blueberry Bushel Strawberry Bushel Squash Bushel Lilac Bushel Pumpkin Bushel Aloe Vera Bushel White Grape Bushel
Blueberry Strawberry Squash Lilac Pumpkin Aloe Vera White Grape
Artichoke Bushel Rice Bushel Daffodil Bushel Raspberry Bushel Potato Bushel Pink Rose Bushel Cotton Bushel
Artichoke Rice Daffodil Raspberry Potato Pink Rose Cotton
Carrot Bushel Corn Bushel Ghost Chili Bushel Sunflower Bushel Coffee Bushel Green Tea Bushel Cabbage Bushel
Carrot Corn Ghost Chili Sunflower Coffee Green Tea Cabbage
Black Berry Bushel Lavender Bushel Peas Bushel Sugar Cane Bushel Red Wheat Bushel Yellow Melon Bushel Onion Bushel
Black Berry Lavender Peas Sugar Cane Red Wheat Yellow Melon Onion
Broccoli Bushel Acorn Squash Bushel Ginger Bushel Asparagus Bushel Lily Bushel Cucumber Bushel Iris Bushel
Broccoli Acorn Squash Ginger Asparagus Lily Cucumber Iris
Basil Bushel Purple Poppy Bushel Oats Bushel Lemon Balm Bushel Posole Corn Bushel Bamboo Bushel Saffron Bushel
Basil Purple Poppy Oats Lemon Balm Posole Corn Bamboo Saffron
Clover Bushel Amaranth Bushel Forget Me Not Bushel White Rose Bushel Rye Bushel Purple Pod Peas Bushel Elderberry Bushel
Clover Amaranath Forget Me Not White Rose Rye Purple Pod Peas Elderberry
Chickpea Bushel Heirloom Carrot Bushel Rhubarb Bushel Zucchini Bushel Spinach Bushel Carnival Squash Bushel Gladiolus Bushel
Chickpea Heirloom Carrot Rhubarb Zucchini Spinach Carnival Squash Gladiolus
Square Melon Bushel Columbine Bushel Orange Daisies Bushel Purple Asparagus Bushel Electric Lilies Bushel White Pumpkin Bushel Peppermint Bushel
Square Melon Columbine Orange Daisies Purple Asparagus Electric Lilies White Pumpkin Peppermint
Jalapenos Bushel Leeks Bushel Straspberry Bushel Purple Tomatoes Bushel Lilac Daffy Bushel Sun Poppy Bushel Double Grain Bushel
Jalapenos Leeks Straspberry Purple Tomatoes Lilac Daffy Sun Poppy Double Grain
Whisky Peat Bushel Fire Pepper Squmpkin Bushel Red Spinach Bushel Long Onion Bushel Golden Poppies Bushel Cupid Corn Bushel
Whisky Peat Fire Pepper Squmpkin Red Spinach Long Onion Golden Poppies Cupid Corn
Green Roses Bushel Foxglove Bushel Bluebells Bushel Pink Asters Bushel Hops Bushel Barley Bushel King Edward Potatoes Bushel
Green Roses Foxglove Bluebells Pink Asters Hops Barley King Edward Potatoes
English Roses Bushel Spring Squill Bushel Cornflower Bushel Red Currant Bushel Turnips Bushel Radish Bushel English Peas Bushel
English Rose Spring Squill Cornflower Red Currant Turnip Radish English Peas
Field Beans Bushel Black Tea Bushel Emperor Pink Carnation Bushel Chrome Daisies Bushel Crystal Bushel Electric Roses Bushel
Field Beans Black Tea Emperor Hops Pink Carnation Chrome Daisies Crystal Electric Roses
Birthday Cake Bushel Star Flower Bushels Snow Cone Bushels Zinfandel Bushels Chardonnay Bushels Purple Toadstool Bushels Red Toadstool Bushels
Birthday Cake Star Flower Snow Cone Zinfandel Chardonnay Purple Toadstool Red Toadstool
Small Red Toadstool Bushels Cove Cranberry Bushels Butter & Sugar Corn Bushels Chandler Blueberry Bushels Darrow Blackberry Bushels Dill Bushels Kennebec Potato Bushels
Small Red Toadstool Cove Cranberry Butter & Sugar Corn Chandler Blueberry Darrow Blackberry Dill Kennebec Potato
Tarragon Bushels Hay Bushels Cauliflower Bushels Lady Slipper Bushels Daylily Bushels Red Clover Bushels Jack O Lantern Bushels
Tarragon Hay Cauliflower Lady Slipper Daylily Red Clover Jack O Lantern
Snow Tulip Bushels Glacial Rose Bushels Candied Yam Bushels Red Iceberry Bushels Gingerbread Bushels Iceberg Lettuce Bushels Carrotcicle Bushels
Snow Tulip Glacial Rose Candied Yam Red Iceberry Gingerbread Iceberg Lettuce Carrotcicle
Iced Rice Bushels Holly Bushels Frozen Grapes Bushels Mint Candy Bushels Gummi Bear Bushels greenpeppermintsbushel_friendlyName Snow Carnation Bushels
Iced Rice Holly Frozen Grapes Mint Candy Gummi Bear Mint Candy Snow Carnation
Love Strawberry Bushels Red Rose Bushels Landini Lilies Bushels Peony Bushels King Cake Bushels Bells of Ireland Bushels Lokelani Bushels
Love Strawberry Red Rose Landini Lilies Peony King Cake Bells of Ireland Lokelani
Lava Flower Bushels Purple Orchid Bushels Grass Widow Bushels Night Cereus Bushels Nagaimo Bushels Rainbow Bushels Dandelion Bushels
Lava Flower Purple Orchid Grass Widow Night Cereus Nagaimo Rainbow Dandelion
Dragon Flower Bushels Pitcher Plant Bushels Sundew Plant Bushels Spiral Flower Bushels Walking Iris Bushels Gnome Bushels Mustard Bushels
Dragon Flower Pitcher Plant Sundew Plant Spiral Flower Walking Iris Gnome Crop Mustard
Cantaloupe Bushels Royal Forget-Me-Not Bushels Royal Artichoke Bushels Royal Cantaloupe Bushels Royal Mustard Bushels Royal Mum Bushels Swiss Chard Bushels
Cantaloupe Royal Forget-Me-Not Royal Artichoke Royal Cantaloupe Royal Mustard Royal Mum Swiss Chard Bushel
Flamingo Bushels Cherokee Rose Bushels Sangiovese Bushels Cabernet Sauvignon Bushel Syrah Bushels Pinot Noir Bushels Riesling Bushels
Flamingo Bushel Cherokee Rose Bushel Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Pinot Noir Riesling
Moscato Bushels Sauvignon Blanc Bushels
Moscato Sauvignon Blanc

Crafting Silo Bushels
Milk Jugs Manure Bags Wool Bundles Apple Wood Baskets Cherry Baskets Orange Baskets Walnut Baskets
Milk Jugs
Manure Bags
Wool Bundles
Apple Wood Baskets
Cherry Baskets
Orange Baskets
Walnut Baskets
Maple Syrup Baskets
Lemon Baskets
Small Milk Jugs
Lobster Bushels
Seafood Bushels
Clam Bushels
Poplar Wood Baskets
Maple Syrup Baskets
Lemon Baskets
Small Milk Jugs
Poplar Wood
Horse Hair Bushel
Horse Hair

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  1. Thank you, much better if can have a ask for bushles link...

    1. yes, to ask for a bushel use the link below:


      just change the bushel name for the one ur looking for.

    2. I am trying to use the link above but it does not seem to work if I copy and paste changing the name just takes me to my farm - I need snow tulip! thanks

  2. links just take you to...ask for friends part on fV

  3. You gotta try several times and it will work

  4. I click over any bushel and let me go to "play" Farmville...... no to the link.... why is that?

  5. Refresh if it doesn't take you to the site

  6. I try refresh and I stay in the same place..... play!!!! =(

  7. It worked yesterday, had to click it a few times. No longer does. :(

  8. just what i needed thank you

  9. OMG!! This is the answer to my "bushel" prayers!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

  10. can some one please send me 6 bushels of frozen iceberg lettuce?????? i am desperate thank you

  11. this is good but from . so i think a thanks to them would be cool , but other than that looks good ;)

  12. Winter Farm bushels would be great,. Thank you

  13. We already have winter wonderland bushels in the list... check again please

  14. this cool way...thx!

  15. winter links work fine, but main farm links don't seem to work, I have tried coffee and chickpea links several times and they wouldn't work. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  16. this bushel link doesn't work either!!!

  17. thank you, great help when you can' ask

  18. bushel link sent me to my farm:(

  19. I am new to this but how do I request bushels? I need coffee really bad.Can I also ask last night I planted coffee in Winterwondeland why did it give me coffee? TYVM

  20. not give me coffee!

  21. It worked for me

  22. Would really be nice if when hovering over bushels it also said what each one was...

  23. it would be nice if they give you enough time to get one quest done....usually when i get one done then its not enough time to get another done before it runs out......really sucks...

  24. In addition to showing a picture of the bushel needed, it would be very helpful if the name of the product was listed such as Rice, Cranberry, etc. Anybody know if there is a way to see the name of the bushel as just pictures is a guessing game for me. Thanks.

  25. To see the NAME OF THE BUSHEL, hover over picture with your arrow, then look to lower left of computer screen to words and read to the far right where it states exactly what bushel you are looking at. Move cursor to next bushel and see name change to that bushel. You're welcome. :)

  26. How do you send somebody an unwither.

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  28. Is the peppermint missing? That's the one I need. TY for all you do.

  29. i held the mouse over all...can't find double grain :/ is it here?

  30. This site is great! All the sites you do are! Thank you so much for all the HARD work you do to help so many of us. I do have a suggestion Please put the names of the bushels under them. I mouse over and still can't find out which bushel is which.

  31. I loved these on the last WW quest--now I can't get the links to load.....need iceberg lettuce....

  32. can someone please tell me if the mastery signs are useful for anything, or just something else to take up more space?...have asked many people, no one seems to know......thanks

  33. SPINNING WEEL A FRAUD... ALWAYS stops just before FREE and move 3 places on. You wil NEVER stops on the FREE. FV please fix it as you are discrediting yourself.

  34. Thank you. Now I can complete my crafting stuff.

  35. Thank you! I was hoping maybe the greenhouse crops could be added? Beggars can't be choosers though lol hahahah

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  38. How about for the yellowfin tuna? I've tried yellowfintunabushel, yellowfinbushel, tunabushel - all to no avail, it just takes me into the game. Tarobushel worked perfectly, but my friend needs tuna, not taro. :)

  39. Ty fintuna like riceice?

  40. I agree with the other anonymous 2 ago. I tried fintuna and fintunayellow and finyellowtuna = no go. Still receiving taro though from days ago!

  41. Are you going to have bushels for the Hawaiian farm soon????

  42. I figured out most of them:

    Land Crops:


    Yellow Hibiscus:

    Kona Coffee:

    Yam: Can't make this one work. :(

    Hilo Pineapple:


    Double Pikake:

    Golden Sugar Cane:

    Hawaiian Ginger:


    Water Crops:

    Oyster: Can't make this one work. :(

    Mussel: Can't make this one work. :(



    Rock Crab:

    Yellowfin Tuna:


  43. Yams:



  44. These don't work anymore, just take you to your farm

  45. Bushels posted Mar 2nd dont work anymore. The 3 posted mar 7th do work.

  46. Are these bushel links not working anymore???? Last 2 days when I click on bushel it just spins and wont load!

  47. Bushel links are working for me!!

  48. not update the brushel's?
    the lack of hawaiian ... please!

  49. so this site been doing this for a long time what difference does it make??

  50. Anyone know why bushel requests dont load? I have been trying for about a week now and it sits there and only thinks about it.... any ideas?

  51. ty for doing this and the quests, and the whole site for that matter!

  52. can u tell me how i cans send brussels req to my neighbours in box so i cna recieve them ty


  54. You guys are so AWESOME! Thank you for the updates on this, I actually found what I needed right away and the links worked fine.

  55. All don't work anymore,

  56. They haven't worked for me either - for 3 Days ! ;-( It just tries to LOAD - then just Sits there and will NOT Load ! Please Advise !

  57. NONE load now!

  58. Looks like Zynga might have even disabled these links... They have been disabling all these links of late...

  59. I cannot get the orange bushel requesting links to load. They load to the brown bar and sit forever.

  60. If Zynga has disabled these links so that the folks at Dirt Farmer cannot help us with them any more, it is rather short-sighted. Pretty much the only things I have yet to master in FV are the moat pieces in the crafting barn. If I can only play FV every four days (because that's an average time for the trees to ripen) it will be a short step to stopping all together.

  61. I can't get this to work anymore. It takes me to the page to request but the list of my friends never loads. I need help getting bushels. I hope if there is something wrong with the page it's fixed real soon.

  62. Zynga continues to disappoint me. I know for so many of us, it is so hard to request and receive bushels and these links, when working, are helpful to FV players and keep us playing the game. I think if links continue to be taken down, Zynga will continue to lose players.

  63. So, I guess this doesn't work anymore. That is really too bad.