Tree Stump House Quests - With Links to ask for Quest Stuff

Before we start with the actual quest details, here are links to request for the parts/items that you will be asked for during the quest as part of their requirements. You would need 6 of each of the below. Click on the images below to send request to friends for the same in case you find trouble with posting to feed or want to get a head start:

Quest 1: A Fairy Good Start
1. Get 6 Trays of Sweet Butter (Click to ask)
2. Harvest 200 Flowers (Plant Clover - 4Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Aviary
Rewards: XP, Coins, Duck in Leaves

Quest 2: I Did It My Fae
1. Get 6 Nectar Cups (Click to ask)
2. Harvest 200 Red Tulips (1 Day)
3. Harvest 10 Birds
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fairy Hollow Hill

Quest 3: Fairy Dust in the Wind
1. Get 6 Cups of Honey Tea (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Morning Glory (12 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Chicken Coop
Rewards: XP, Coins, Autumn Fairy Circle

Quest 4: This One Goes to Elven
1. Get 6 Jars of Saffron (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Grain (Plant Oats - 8 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Livestock Pen
Rewards: XP, Coins, House of Leaves

Quest 5: A Fairy Good Year
1. Get 6 Fairy Slippers (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Wheat (12 Hrs)
3. Harvest 10 Pigs
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fall Fairy Garden

Quest 6: A Fairy to Remember
1. Get 6 Tiny Ribbons (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Soybeans (1 Day)
3. Harvest 10 Sheep
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fall Garden Statue

Quest 7: The Fae We Were
1. Get 6 Petal Flowers (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Peppers (1 Day)
3. Harvest 1 Cow Pasture
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fairy Tree Stump

Quest 8: Send the Fairy Best
1. Get 8 Hand Mirrors (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Jalapenos (8 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Horse Paddock
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fall Fairy Zebra

Quest 9: Just to Sprite Me
1. Get 8 Twigs (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Rhubarb (16 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Fall Fairy Zebra 
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fairy Fountain

Quest 10: Pixie of the Litter
1. Get 10 Glitter Makeup (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Strawberries (4 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Fall Fairy Zebra 
Rewards: XP, Coins, Autumn Fairy Gnome

Quest 11: A Nymph is a Nymph
1. Get 10 Thread Spools (Click to Ask)
2. Harvest 200 Cotton (12 Hrs)
3. Harvest 1 Avairy
Rewards: XP, Coins, Wood Nymph Tree (Deco)

Quest 12: Thank You Fairy Much
1. Get 12 Fairy Crowns (Click to Ask)
2. Master Fall Fairy Zebra 1-star (Total 5 Harvests for 1-star)
3. Harvest 200 Aloe Vera (6 Hrs)
Rewards: XP, Coins, Fairy Fall Waterfall

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  1. Actually the Fall Fairy Zebra is 5 harvests to get 1 Star.

  2. how long is harvest time on fairy zebra?????

  3. and fairy zebra can't put in horse stable or horse paddock ... need 5 days to reach 1 star mastery :(

  4. Can you use 6 hr. Ghost Chili Peppers for Quest 7 The Fae We Were??

  5. 3 days for a single harvest for the fairy zebra.

  6. does anyone know if there is a time limit on this set of quest???? with that fairy zebra mastery if the time limit is less then 15 days anyone not using the fc to get it is screwed and I am one who doesn't not buy fc have bills to pay won't lose my house over some dumb game

  7. This stuff is a total joke now...that zebra fairy takes 2 days...was 3 to master to finish its a total of 8 days but I was already waiting 3 just for the first...and posted the thing 3 days ago..why is it still 63% ready...the quest is just as long as it is just harvest the damn zebra and mine is on my cove and nothing works anyway.....cant post, can ask for bushels to master that cranberry thing I lost...EVERYTHING TAKES FARMVILLE CASH!!!!!!!..That zebra just to finish is 25 farm cash .....GREEDY BASTARDS!!!! I lost a ton of friends the past 2 weeks. They just blocked farmville all together! Not just cuz everything is fc...but alll the problems they DO NOT FIX!!! BEEN DAILY PLAYER FOR OVER 2 YEARS AND IM THERE TOO....MY HUBBYS BEEN PLAYING FOR ME....IM SOOOO OVER IT...FIX PROBLEMS BEFORE STARTING NEW...EVEN IF IT MEANS STOPPING THE GAME FOR A DAY OR 2!!!!!!!!!! I have gift cards Im tring to sell and NOBODY WANTS THEM!!!!!!!!!! SO SAD!!!! !

  8. Well inform Zynga how you feel.. Unless they know they can't fix it.. I've been playing since day one and there have always been problems.. Quite frankly I don't give a big hoot.. Its a free game unless you pay into it.. I very really do so thats why im not so bothered..

  9. Fairy Zebra only takes 3 harvests to master 1st star : )

  10. Thanks for strating this and you've been a lifesaver with quests....FV/Zynga is so slow at helping.

    Are you going to help with LighthouseCove Quests as well?

  11. Anonymous, I've harvested Fairy Zebra 3 times, and still no star!

  12. The fairy zebra is now 3 harvests to get 1 star mastery. They listened to our complaints.

  13. is there a link for these quets, when you can't post for the fairy friend needs them and can't post for them...

  14. regardless of shortening the harvest time for fairy zebra I still can not complete this quest in time I am so disappointed. I think they should extend the deadline.

  15. MANY thanks for the information you give us about quests...I REALLY appreciate you!!!!

  16. thank you so much for the information on quests . they are so so boring , black tulips almost drove me crazy . lol . next quest bet they will increase the # of crops in required , that,s their way of ripping us off buying more expansions . . no no .

  17. Is there a link for the cove quest with the potato mashers? My friends mashers ask for, does not post :(

  18. I cannot post still and I have need ONE more Corn Basket to finish cove quest. thanks

  19. I need one more Corn Basket to finish Cove Quest, can anyone help? Thanks so much. Jody

  20. 1 hour left and need corn basket for cove quest, thanks so much, Jody

  21. I need stumps and it won't post. How do I do this?

  22. Now they are working...helps to clear the flash player..thank you again :) :)


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