TOP HORSES,TREES and GNOMES Package Contents

10 Top Horsess3 Top Treess5 Top Gnomess
Gem Tree (level one)
Pink Crystal Tree (level one)
Magic Peach Tree (level one)
Rainbow Tree (level one)
Pink Bubble Gum Tree (level one)
Confetti Tree (level one)
Chrome Apple Tree (level one)
Candy Apple Tree (level one)
Dogwood Tree (level one)
White Willow Tree (level one)
Ribbon Flower Tree (level one)
Damson Tree (level one)
Rowan Tree (level one)
English Elm 
(level one) 
Juniper Tree (level one)
Cherry Plum Tree (level one)
Chestnut Tree (level one)
Pink Hanging Flower Tree (level one)
Nightmare Stallion
Irish Cob Horse
Suffolk Punch Horse
Black Cherry Horse 
Knights Steed
Fjord Horse
Shamrock Pony
Fairy Horse
Clydesdale Stallion
Brown Gypsy Horse
Shire Horse 
Valentine Mini
Shetland Pony
Carnival Horse
White Thoroughbred
Purple Ponytail Horse
Royal Horse
Mariachi Gnome
Black Knight Gnome
Piper Gnome
Miss Swiss Gnome
Trawler Gnome
Surfer Gnome
Autumn Gnome 
American Gnome
Fairy Gnome
Princess Gnome
Cupid Gnome
Eskimo Gnome
Prince Gnome 
Werewolf Gnome
Knight Gnome
Master Gnome
Venus Gnome
Cowboy Gnome


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  1. Thank you for the info. :)

  2. and not even one package for, OH! LET'S SAY A MILLION CASH (=FVCOINS,)FOR SAY, 2 OF THE LEAST WANTED ITEMS FOR THE FARM? Oh Nanna Zygna you truly are a MiserMeanie!!!!!!

  3. thank you for saving me fvc I was hoping maybe one of those had a sitka tree in it or carnival but since they don't and those are the only level 1 trees I need I can keep my fvc


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