Trick or Treat Quests

Quest 1 of 6: Let There Be Light (Sticks)! Pumpkins, Oats, Clover
1. Get 8 Light Sticks (Post to wall)
2. Visit 3 Neighbors
3. Harvest 200 Fruits (Tip: Plant Raspberries - 2 Hr Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins and Reverse Skunk

Quest 2 of 6: The Bucketeers
1. Get 8 Candy Buckets (Request friends)
2. Harvest the Reverse Skunk 1 time (Harvesting in the Wildlife habitat will not count due to Bugs)
3. Harvest 200 Flowers (Tip: Plant Clover - 4 Hr Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins & Orange Granny Wolves

Quest 3 of 6: Jack-O-Lighting
1. Get 10 Jack-O-Lantern Flashlights (Post to wall)
2. Harvest the Orange Granny Wolf (Harvesting in the Wildlife habitat will not count due to Bugs)
3. Harvest 200 Grain Crops (Tip: Plant Oats - 8 hr Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins & Halloween Robodinoninja

 Quest 4 of 6: The Route to Loot
1. Get 10 Candy Maps (Post to wall)
2. Place Halloween Robodinoninja in Zoo
3. Harvest 100 Candy Corn (4 Hr Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins & Halloween Tutu Hippo

Quest 5 of 6: There's Always One...
1. Get 12 Cardboard Box Costumes (Request Friends)
2. Master Reverse Skunk to level 2 (Needs 2 harvests totally)
3. Harvest 200 Vegetables (Tip: Plant Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins - 8 Hr Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins & Robot Costume

Quest 6 of 6: Trick ot Treat?
1. Get 12 Confetti Bombs (Post to Wall)
2. Harvest the Zoo
3. Harvest 150 Black Tulips (1 Day Crop)
Rewards: XP, Coins & Purple Dragon

Note: This is not a Farm specific quest... hence, doing this quest on any of the farms, or across all 3 farms should work fine...

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  1. I harvested my Reverse Skunk in the Wildlife Habitat, and it counted towards the Quest.

  2. Its random if it works, I have loads of friends it does not work for and a few it does so to be safer I would agree to harvest out of habitat if possible

  3. I harvested my reverse skunk in the wildlife habitat and it counted but then later when i went back in the game it took the progress away so better off putting it out

  4. the same thing happened to me on the last quests w/ the vampiress duck it didnt count when i put it in the habitat

  5. I didn't get the robodinoninja when I completed quest 3 so cannot complete quest 4 - all these quests are totally bug-filled!!!!!!

  6. My REverse Skunk dissapered this morning.It was there when i stopped playing last night,so i know its nothing i did.I want it back to finish my quest.

  7. Have finished them all..but not the quest 5 of 6... which is strange as have finished 6...-! :)x

  8. ^ Oh & thank you for sharing/helping!!^ always appreciated..!! Keeping us player's one step ahead!!!;-))x

  9. How long does the Skunk take to harvest out of the habitat. I had it accept the harvest then when I went back it had reverted to 0/1 on the quest page

  10. confetti bombs are not posting to wall

  11. I can't post to my wall to get certain items on quests, and half the stuff no longer has a link to get them from other people so I am pretty much screwed I guess

  12. Is there a lik here to specifically ask for the flashlights also (like the above)? I´ve tried 5 times now and am not able to ask my freidns for help, which makes it nearly unable to get moving in the would be wonderfull if you could help me.

  13. is there a link to ask for the jack o lanterns in quest 3? I have been trying for 2 days to post the request & it simply will not post--HELP

  14. My reverse skunk has disappeared and although I continue to get mastery stars for it, I cannot see it any more. This has also happened to some friends. Please send the reverse skunk back?


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