Perfect Bunches Go Quietly into the Night

As of October 13th Farmville has removed the Perect Bucnches you received when harvesting Flower Crops. You will no longer be able to use these for Decorations or be able to share with Friends once the bunches in your Garden Shed are gone.

It's been months since I even had enough room to even consider decorating. I can only imagine so many others in the same situation. In the "early days" of Farmville this feature was widely popular, even inspiring a few "sharing groups". Now it seem the hustle and bustle of professional farming has claim yet another game icon. 

I can even remember setting aside a good portion of land as a Botanical Garden. A combination of Perfect Bunches and flower decorations. The Perfect Bunches were a bit unique in the fact that they "expired" or went "droopy" after 2 weeks. It was kinda fun to plant different color flower crops that you knew you could decorate with.

I actually have to wonder when this decision was made and why. Considering the the new Lighthouse Cove has it's own unique Garden Shed. Only time will tell if they will serve another purpose 

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  1. Boo!...I like decorating my farm with flowers..and I always use flower bunches to surround my avatar. I do not want to see this feature go away.

  2. Oh Crap! I used those to block my avatar...guess I'll leave the droopy ones.


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