Lighthouse Cove Quests-Chapter 7

Probable Release Date: On or After October 31st...subject to change

Chapter 7 Quest 1: Ship Shape
Requirements: Get 3 Buckets, Harvest Lighthouse Cove, Harvest 110 Dill
Rewards: 100 XP, Bait Shop, 2500 Coins

Chapter 7 Quest 2: Fill the Hold
Requirements: Get 3 Life Preservers, Harvest 110 Darrow Blackberries  Make 2 Dill Potato Skins
Rewards: 200 XP, Neptune Gnome, 2500 Coins

Chapter 7 Quest 3: Set Sail!
Requirements: Get Get 3 Strong Rope, Make 2 Blackberry Ice Cream 

Buy a Coastal Patch
Rewards: 300 XP, Rusty Anchor Tavern, 2500 Coins

Bonus Challenge 1
Requirements: Harvest 1 Aviary, Harvest 130 Daylillies, Harvest Lighthouse Cove
Rewards: 500 XP, Tourist Cow, 2500 Coins

Bonus Challenge 2
Requirements: Make 4New England Lager, Harvest 130 Darrow Blackberries, Improve the Cove to Level 8
Rewards: 1,000 XP, Town Hall, 5000 Coins

Bonus Challenge 3
Requirements: Harvest 1 Horse Padadock, Harvest 130 Vegetables,  Make 4 Cream Pies
Rewards: 500 XP, Kite Gnome, 2500 Coins

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  1. never finished the last three before time was up. Stupid crashes, OOS, not counting harvests of animals, etc.

  2. we don't get enough time to finish the quests.

  3. Have the time you can't post!

  4. Doesn't look like the prizes are worth the time...Just my opinion :)

  5. the number of crops we need to plant always way ahead my plots so sometimes it takes 2 days just to finish 1 step of the quest and with that very short time i never finish one quest. not to mention the last quest that request us to master the creamed corn. really annoying. and ya the prize is not too special anyway

  6. Too many quests at one time. Don't give you time to finish with crashes of program, plus some quests have unreasonable requests, like creamed corn and you have to go 3 levels with no idea of how to do it.

  7. It's nothing but trouble,problems posting on news feed blank white screen needing to refresh all the can't complete any quests keep adding more and more amounts to compete,just annoying, zynga figure it out already if you want to keep people playing...

  8. I have come to the conclusion that Z wants the people to quit fv & instead go play their other games because it would cost them to much to fix all the bugs & gliches in fv. It's obvious that they are not fixing the majority of issues - why?

  9. quest r tiresome. never a chance to just organize our farms let alone not enough time to finish yet I this last one with the help of neighb's buying my c. corn to level up more quickly but many didn't make plus Zynga got us again $ wise do to spending on buying others c. corn to hep them level up..anyway it's looked at I was hopeing for some time to store Halloween junk and work on my other farms as well it's been almost a week since I've grown any other crops than 1's required 4 FV$...FV$ & more FV$ & coins gone on other than what I'd like to get from the market..about had it it's beginning to affect my lifestyle truing to keep up..NOT COOL!

  10. agree with all complaints above. ZYNGA SUCKS

  11. Yall I need 2 Strong Ropes for the bonus quest but I went to post the request on my wall and it won't show up. Can anyone help a girl out? Anyone also needing them that can friend me? I would really appreciate it!!!


  12. agree with all complaints above. ZYNGA SUCKS how do you expect us to finish one quest without spending money for fv cash ...what a rip

  13. Have the same issue as Jen. 3 times now I thought I was posting for the strong rope, but the posts never appear, so nobody can send them to me. Only one neighbor has posted this, so I got one there, but need 2 more! This is ridiculous!!!


  14. I am still having problem with retrieving bushels from the feed...

  15. Does the horse paddock count from your other farm? If it doesn't I'm screwed for bonus number 3, probably am anyway, but it would be nice because I don't have the farm cash to buy one to put on this farm. I would like to finish one of these for a change.


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