Lighthouse Cove Quests: Heritage Day Quests Chapter 4

Quest 1:
Ask for 3 Candy Corn, Harvest Lighthouse Cove once, Make 3 Fruit Ciders
Rewards:Colonial Sheep, Coins, XP

Quest #2:
Ask for 3 Tasty Fish, Harvest 90 Cove Cranberries, Expand Cove to level 4
Rewards:Cove Seal, Coins, XP

Quest #3:
Ask for 3 Wrapped Candy, Make 2 Fruit Cider, Harvest 90 Chandler Blueberries
Rewards: Cove Building, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #1:
Harvest 90 Cove Cranberries, Make 2 Wildberry Pies, Improve Cove to level 5
Rewards: German Shepard, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #2:
Complete an Aviary, Harvest Lighthouse Cove, Make 2 Black Raspberry Wine
Reward: Seabrite Chicken, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #3:
Harvest 1 Aviary, Harvest 110 Kennebec Potatoes, Make 2 Dill Potato Skins
Reward: Tidal Pool, Coins, XP

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