Heritage Day Quests: Lighthouse Cove Chapter 4

Quest 1:
Ask for 3 Candy Corn, Harvest Lighthouse Cove once, Make 3 Fruit Ciders
Rewards:Colonial Sheep, Coins, XP

Quest #2:
Ask for 3 Tasty Fish, Harvest 90 Cove Cranberries, Expand Cove to level 4
Rewards:Cove Seal, Coins, XP

Quest #3:
Ask for 3 Wrapped Candy, Make 2 Fruit Cider, Harvest 90 Chandler Blueberries
Rewards: Cove Building, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #1:
Harvest 90 Cove Cranberries, Make 2 Wildberry Pies, Improve Cove to level 5
Rewards: German Shepard, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #2:
Complete an Aviary, Harvest Lighthouse Cove, Make 2 Black Raspberry Wine
Reward: Seabrite Chicken, Coins, XP

Bonus Quest #3:
Harvest 1 Aviary, Harvest 110 Kennebec Potatoes, Make 2 Dill Potato Skins
Reward: Tidal Pool, Coins, XP

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  1. i see bonus quest 3 requires using farmcash again, as a level 3 restaurant dish

  2. You can upgrade your restaurant using Coins, once you've made enough recipes to unlock the coin option. You don't have to spend farm cash to get a 3 Star Restaurant.

  3. When does the Heritage Day Quests start?

  4. I don't want an aviary on the farm at the cove..does this mean I've got to have one there too? Not fair!

  5. first parts wrong its two cider not three

  6. you can always delete the aviary after the quests

  7. make the recipes and you can level up your rest. for coins...


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