Ghost Quests-Cove Chapter 5 Quests

Quest 1: A Spooky Season!
Get 3 Halloween Masks
Harvest Light House Cove
Harvest 70 Hays
Reward:Trick or Treat Bear, XP, Coins
Quest 2: Ghost of a Chance!
Get 3 Lollipops 
Harvest 70 Red Clovers
Harvest 1 Orchard
Reward Innkeeper Gnome, XP,Coins
Quest 3: Ghost Hunting!
Get 6 Flashlights
Make Farmhouse Cheddar twice (crafting)
Harvest 70 Tarragons
Reward: Ship Wreck, XP, Coins

Bonus Quest 1:
1-Star Master Farmhouse Cheddar
please note: This requirement may have changed
Harvest 110 Cove Cranberries
Harvest Light House Cove
Rewards: Trick or Treat Monkey, XP and Coins

Bonus Quest 2:
Harvest 110 Day Lillies
Improve Cove to LEVEL 6
Make 3 Pineapple-Cranberry Relish
Rewards: Giant Conch, XP Coins

Bonus Quest 3: 
Get 3 Map Pieces (or make 3 Johnny Cakes)
Harvest 70 Candy Corns ( or 110 Sugar Corn ?)
Harvest Light house Cove ) or an Orchard?)
This Quest may not be the same for everyone
Rewards: Gnarled Tree, XP, Coins

Apparently Zynga has changed and shuffled the quests...Yours may not be the same as above... The bastards

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  1. What does 1 star master farmhouse cheddar mean? And is that Cheddar Cheese.

  2. Level 20 gives ya 1 star

  3. The bastards.... LMFAO !


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