Oh NO!!! Are Zombies going to be lurking on my Farm!!! Will they EAT my Prize Stallion.??? Will they infect my Farm Hands ??? Oh NO!!!

 Is there going to be a Farmville Zombie Theme??? Will I get to buy a Necro-Horse or plant Un Dead Daisies??? Oh and a Tree...There has got to be a Living Dead Tree dripping with oooze right??? Maybe even a Zombie Sheep and some Rotting Pigs...Oh and BRAINS!!! Gee...How the heck is Zynga gonna fake Brains???

Well...NO...Nothing so grand and intentional...I just wanted to get your attention to enlighten and inform you of a very serious issue...Zombies. What are "Zombies" you may ask. Well in the world of facebook games Zombies are the living dead for real. Dead players who currently hold a spot on your facebook account or even your neighbors bar. They may be effecting your game in ways you don't even realize

Facebook allows everyone a limit of 5000 Friends. For what ever reason, the closer you come to that magic number of 5000, your gaming systems start to develop more and more bugs. Most notably your ability to gift freely between Friends are effected by "corrupted" friends links. We have all seen the notorious "gift error" notice when trying to collect a free gift from your Farmville Friends...Well...It gets worse as your Friends List grows. When you begin to max out your Friend Limit more and more Friend Links become corrupted. This will even prevent you from claiming Rewards your Friends post on the News Feed. You first begin to notice this gradually right after you hit 1000 Friends...It progressively gets worst with the more Friends you add.

So why are Zombies BAD...?...If you have 3000 Friends and 1000 have quit the game then they are just slowing you down. Affecting your gaming Screens and cluttering your Newsfeed. When in need of items for a Quest or in need of Special free gifts, And you are ask to choose people on your Friends List...Then picking 50 "zombies" who no longer play will do you NO GOOD at all. You may have often wondered why no one helped you...well...They may be ZOMBIES. Killing these Zombies will free up space that facebook sets aside for your linked interactions. Possibly even "linking" you to players who post better rewards. You may have thought you couldn't grab that new foal or tree because you were slow...Maybe all your Zombies are hogging your "friend links"... We all know what a pain it is when we run out of Gift Requests and we still want to help our Friends...Sending 50 Gifts to Zombies just makes it worse

Aside from the facebook limit Farmville also has a Neighbor Limit of just 300. There are only a few benefits of being someone's FV Neighbor as opposed to just being their Facebook Friend. You can visit the Farm of any friend but it is easier to visit a neighbor because they are on your Neighbor's Bar. When searching for Bushels you only have your 300 Neighbors to choose from. Also...Your Neighbors are the only ones most likely to visit your Farm to help Fertilize your Crops, Feed your Chickens, and gift you SBD's and other consumable you may need at that moment.

So why are Zombies BAD...?...With such a limited number of Neighbor's allowed. Combined with a real dependence on Real ACTIVE Neighbor's for certain activities...Maintaining a Zombie Free Neighbors Bar is a MUST for your Farm's performance. If you have 300 Neighbors and 100 are Zombies...Then that's 100 less chances you have for help with Bushels and Gifting...100 more Farms you will have to visit and waste your time unwilting their crops and sending them gifts that they will never accept. Hour and hours helping Zombies who have completely abandoned their Farms long ago. Killing the Zombies will allow you room to add newer and better Friends who can actually help you and your Farm.

Who are YOUR Zombies...?... Zombies are people who you added for the sole purpose of being your FV Friend or Neighbor. These are people you don't talk to or chat with. They are probably NOT social. Now they don't even plat FV anymore. They just take up space on your List. This concept also applies to any other game you may play... So a Zombie is someone who you do not "know"...who is NOT a "friend" and NOW doesn't play the game or games that you added them for. In other words if your Mother or Aunt or Boyfriend/Girlfriend don't play FV then they are NOT Zombies. If you have a friend who plays Cafe World or Mafia Wars then they are NOT Zombies. People who have given up on a Game or evn their whole facebook account in general ARE Zombies. You may have to think of putting them down (deleting them)

How do you find and KILL the Damn Zombies...?...Boy, I'm glad you asked. It really isn't easy. Depending on how large your Friends list is, It could take days or weeks. What I suggest is to do a little at a time. Go tou your Friends List...Edit Friends...List all...and just start with the A's. Go to each wall and look for FV Posts. Scan back a few weeks or a month even. BAD ZOMBIES (The Runners) will have posts of other people unwithering their crops and tons of Gifts and ECS passes all over their wall. Just a total waste of time and effort by their friends.Neighbor's are easier to spot...When you visit their Farms you will see their crops withered and notice that they haven't leveled up in a year. I actaully had a Zombie Neighbor on Level 40 when I was on Level 1...She was still on Level 40 when I hit Level 200...So...bOOm...DEAD ZOMBIE!!! The GOOD ZOMBIES ( The Walkers) will have removed/disabled or Blocked FV so that they no longer appear on your FV Gifting page. You may howver still need to remove them as a neighbor in order to add new active LIVE neighbors. These Zombies don't waste your time as much...or waste your Gift Requests because they no longer appear on your Gifting List

Easy Tips...This works for me...But my facebook account is 99% FV...When I see a non FV post...I go check out that Players Wall...Usually I find I don't know that person and they gave up on FV months ago...so bye bye Zombie...When I see some one is on the 3x gift request...This means they don't play FV and FV wants me to send them a request to get them back in the game...bye bye Zombie...

In closing...Your need for a zombie hunt may be long overdue or unnecessary depending on how big your Friend List is at the moment. Farmille itself has dropped from 85 million Monthly Players to less than 35 million Monthly Players since December. Meaning if you are the average...then 1 out of 3 of your FV Friends are Zombies. This doesn't even count Hackers with 100 Dummy Accounts and Friends who may have had their Accounts Hi-Jacked and are noe in the hands of Spammers who only post SCAMS.

My Challenge to YOU during Zombie Killer Week... Set a goal of the number of Zombies you want to Kill...The higher your Friend Count...The more ambitious your Hunt should be...I currently have 4100 Friends...at it's peak Fv would tell me I hade 3300 Friends who played in a single day...Yesterday it was 1100...So I have at least 1000 Zombies to kill...Then I get to add New...More active Players and even add a few really close long time FV Friends that I could never fit on my Neighbor's Bar

If you choose to accept this challenge during The Dirt Farmer's ZOMBIE KILLER WEEK then good hunting...If not then I hope some information we have given you here helps you and your game in the future.

Sorry for the hype...We did get your attention though...As always...Keep Diggin'
The Dirt Farmer

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  1. I delete all my FV Post from my wall so they don't clutter my screen. I hope no one thinks I'm a Zombie.

  2. you do have to be a bit careful in making assumptions though - I am a several times a day player but always delete my old farmville posts after about an hour or so, because I don't want them clogging up my wall.

  3. agree with the two comments above, I am a total FV addict well according to my hubby, but I do clean up my profile daily of fv post because it becomes to messy lol, hope my neighbours don't think I am a zombie, but I have already started the above clearance, visited one of my neighbours all this week same farm same crops to unwither so yesterday that neighbour was deleted from fv, like I said I am a daily player and I do need neighbours that play daily or at least on a regular basis, but why don't peeps just delete the game if they are no longer playin it why leave it still active

  4. To look for FV posts is not the best advice, cause i'm also one of the people who are cleaning their walls.
    I do it once the day, so i can find other posts faster again.
    So how can i share your post here without taking the risk that a lot of my neighbors would delete me, because they can't see any fv posts?
    Sorry ... but won't share it.

  5. When you visit your neighbor list, it only list the first name and first letter of their last name, so how do you know how to find their page to see if they are still playing.

  6. I have 175 active neighbors and 125 stuck neighbors for a total of 300 neighbors. I do not have chat support, twitter, e-mail or any other kind of support. How do I contact someone to clean up my neighbor list?


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