The Politics of Farmville...Are Battle Lines being drawn? (RE-POSTED)

This article has been re-posted with updates from a previous Dirt Farmer note:

I really hate to admit it...But after a year of playing a "fun" game like Farmville has only solidified my belief that human beings are driven by an innate obsession for conflict and segregation...Much like real world politics...Farmville players are choosing sides...

On the EXTREME LEFT are the Cheaters...Using SNAG BARS and BOTS to make their game a one click exploit...Even using programs that re-write code to manipulate the game...Just to point out how BAD Cheating really effects...Have you ever noticed that just days after a Major Glitch or Bug is exploited we have serious Global OOS and Loading issues...? 

On the EXTREME RIGHT are the "Fair Play Nazi's"...YES I said Nazi's...Extreme Facists who would demand you bend to their way of thinking...People who will delete you just because your name is on "THE LIST"...Even though this List is most often stocked with FV Approved game aids...Even though you may not even know what a SNAG BAR is...And please...Don't think I'm calling you a Fair Play Nazi just because you don't cheat...That's not it at all...I just don't believe it's right to go on a "Witch Hunt" and persocute people for no good reason...An Independent Farmer doesn't CHEAT...We just don't put on virtual white hoods and try to bully our Friends

Stuck in the MIDDLE...The rest of us...Players who don't use CHEATS and who don't DELETE our Friends for being on a list...We understand both points of view...We also understand the EXTREME's of both are just as TOXIC to Farmville Game Play...

I am proclaiming myself an INDEPENDENT FARMER...I will not Cheat nor will I go on a Witch Hunt to delete friends...I will take a stand against auto-collectors when I see their posts...I will make an effort to educate the Fair Play Nazi's when I can...And NO...I will not DELETE a Fair Play Nazi...That would be a little to hypocritical...There seems to be enough of that going around these days...

Let's look at the facts:

1. Not all players who "liked" a site like Gamer's Unite use the Snag Bar

2. Gamer's Unite is only one of several sites that offer you a Snag Tool or easy click option

3. "Bonus Collectors" are on "THE LIST"...Even though they DO NOT snag items away from those who see them on the feed...I'd call this a "Garbage Collector" if anything...You will hardly EVER find a RARE item on Bonus Collector...If anything you may find a few nails...water cans...maybe even a collection piece that have been sitting on the news feed Un-claimed for hours...I don't like seeing MY posts being wasted...If someone gets a Water Can I posted 3 hours ago on Bonus Collector...Good for them

4. The Snag Bars are annoying...The thought of Greedy Bastards grabbing everything in site fires me up too...Let's not forget the real menace...Cloners and Bots who manipulate the game code are wrecking havoc on the game itself...It's kinda like taking a sledge hammer and digging holes in the road...Then wondering why the ride is so bumpy

5. Now it seems the Fair Play Freaks not only want you to delete Cheaters...They also want you to delete ANYONE who doesn't share their Philosophy...They even publish lists of FV Fan sites that only post information and not cheats...And if you "like" that page...They gang up on you and delete you...Funny thing...The only site NOT on their banned list is their own...Makes you wonder???

Although this seems to be the biggest divide among the World of Farmville there are others...Some favor the 125 Limit and some oppose it...Funny...This issue also has to do with the Cheaters...Another issue...The people who fall for SCAMS and the folks who don't want their walls spammed...I am sure there will be many more issues...I am also sure Zynga is loving the "in-fighting"...It's a win-win for them

In closing...No matter what I've said here today...YOU have to make your own decisions on how YOU play the game and how YOU treat your Friends...Do you want to CHEAT...?...Do you want to hound your Friends like a facist...?...Or do you want to PLAY THE GAME.

Your Game is YOURS...Not Theirs...NEVER forget that!!!

Thanks for Listening
Locke...The Dirt Farmer  

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  1. Great article! Blessings, Kathie

  2. Agree totally, stuck right there in the middle with you as Steelers Wheel would say. Then again maybe you're not old enough to get the reference... Either way I'm walking that line right down the middle!!

  3. I am so sorry. I just thought you should know what was being said and what happens. As I said in my earlier post you are doing a great job on giving us farmers so much info as to what is going on with Zynga and FV. Even though I did what I had to. I will continue coming to you and your site. Thank you and I know you're not a cheat. <3

  4. brilliant i have always said this. i'm in the middle too i don't care if you cheat, i don't, that's all that i care about. The worse people are the hypocrites who scream about cheaters,post names then do it themselves. The sheep were a good example of this. i remove people only if they upset me with evil comments about people or need a bar of soap to wash their mouths out. I'm not a prude for from it but youngsters have access to this game and don't need to see this .

  5. Bonus chekers can be abused. I don't use a 3rd-party app. and don't like playing with those who do. However, I will not delete someone just because they're on a list. But, last year I got a new neighbor that was using GU. Several of my family got him as neighbor, as well. When he was on, it was impossible to collect anything from the feed - and he was on 24/7. It was like a doggone virus. We all had to delete him before things went back to normal. But I also deleted a neighbor that downloaded 2 bonus checkers, then went to play Mafia Wars. Fine, I didn't care what she played; but she quit posting and being active on FV. So, as long as my neighbors using checkers don't abue it, and are active players, I won't delete them. But if they never click 'Like' or 'comment', and I visit their farms and see lots of pretty things from the feed, like my new trees, and they just don't post or play the game in any other way, then they'll be leaving. One neighbor said, "I have 4 farms, have to use bonus checkers to keep it all straight and can't click like." In other words, working with a 3rd-party app., she couldn't be polite and click because she couldn't see the feed.

  6. Thank you so much for what you have said. I really appreciate your thoughts. I really agree with you. I know some of my friends use gamers unite, but, it is a game, just a game, I'm not going to get cranky about it. These people have helped me in my games and I am not going to delete them because they have the app. I don't like it when things get snagged from me, but I'm more than happy for someone to use a bonus checker to get items that I'm giving away that are there for the taking. Good on them. I do the same myself. Sometimes I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember, it's just a game. It isn't murder, move on people. :) Enjoy your game, and try not to get too worked up about it all. It doesn't help. :) If people want to delete me because I use a bonus checker, I say, go for it. I'll be fine. Actually, they'll probably miss me because I quite enjoy helping my neighbours with lots of things in the game, but in the end, it's up to them. I hope that they can see me as a useful member of society. :D

  7. I'm not majorly concerned about what other people do, however I do remove people using actual cheat apps. If that's how they want to play it's there business, but I'm not going to sit back and watch my items just disappear. I do the work to put it out there, they should be willing to take the time to collect it themselves. That being said, there's is the point that ALL 3rd party apps are a violation of Zynga's terms of use.

  8. I agree with Anonymous, game cheats/snag tools eliminates the use of having neighbors...the entire point of the game. Im also tired of Facebook blocking me from sending requests to new neighbors...I am in the midst of contacting Zynga about maybe wanting to eliminate their deal with Facebook and have their own website set up for farmville players, where we can friend anyone we want for the purpose of the game without being punished for it!


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