New CROPS (Unreleased as of 07.06.11)

Looks like Farmville is unleashing a Bonanza of new crops...Some look like they will tie in with new Crafting Recipes...Zinfandel & Chardonnay Grapes should end up in the Winery for sure
4 Different Types or Colors of Cauliflower
Interesting Crops...I can already see Crafting Recipes

And a TON of new Flower with a few Misc Veggies as well

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  1. hope the black eyed peas dont sounds as horrid as they did at superbowl o.O

  2. Do we loose the old crops?

  3. All of these have been listed on the farmviller (now defunct) website since at least last summer. Hopefully FV will release them, but who knows!

  4. Someone shouldlet them ( Zynga ...? ) know they're either called Gerbera Daisies or Transvaal Daisies. They also should look into what can "grow" on the England Farms as some of the plants listed under the Home Farms would also "grow" on the English Countryside Farms as well.


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