Feeling Isolated & Alone...There's a Good reason (A MUST READ)

Do you, all of a sudden, feel like your Friends have abandoned you?
All the Posts on the News Feed are already claimed?
Gift requests are answered but NONE are making it to your Gift Box?

Well...There is a good reason for that.

Facebook has been implementing a vast array of upgrades. In the process your account may have become "dis-connected" from long time Friends. This means, that even though they are on your Friends List, you can't claim anything from them. It's like they are newly added Friends and you'll have to wait out the 24-48 hour "New Friend" Waiting Period all over again.
Best case scenario...Within 24-48 hours all is well again
Worst case scenario...You are left with a TON of "corrupted" Friends Links and you will have to sort through them one by one...Deleting and Re-adding Friends

So...If you are having problems accepting rewards from long time Friends...This may be why

The recent plague of "Un Reg" Friends on out Neighbor's Bar was a sure sign of this
It is only speculation that this was caused by the facebook upgrades...Zynga may have started Server Maintenance again...Switching servers on us also causes this 

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  1. I love the information that you give I think it's awesome. What I don't like is the fact that Scamville says your site is a cheat, but I have yet to find out how. I had to click " unlike " do to the fact I was losing neighbors do to their witch hunt. I'm so glad I can still see the information you give and keep up that great work :)

  2. Dear Anonymous...Maybe you should pick better friends


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