Crafting Silo

Farmville plans to roll out the new Crafting Silos in the coming week...Looks to be a Build-able Structure that is meant to enhance the Crafting Cottage...Also seems like we will have 3 new Building Materials...A Screwdriver, Hinge and Duct Tape...How we managed a farm without Duct Tape I will never know...These items may also be found in the upcoming Crafting Quests...Like all things Zynga...We won't really know until they release it...break it... un-release it...fix it and re-release it

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  1. its not duct tape...its sheet metal roll

  2. Bring the famine, pestilence and the plague. How you gonna farm without insurance. This is freedom without boundaries. Don't forget to tax it. Farmville dollars at work. Fuckin tax writeoff.

  3. Does this mean we can scrap those Crafting Buildings???

  4. will we be able to expand further..I have 1 on each farm, both full, but still collecting parts for possible expansion. Should I lose them, they take up alot of room?? BTW what is a URL ~Blushing cuz I don't know~


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