TURBO CHARGER on Slow Roll Out

Farmville has introduced a NEW "Tool" to make your Farming easier...It's called the Turbo Charger
It's basically a ONE CLICK Harvest, Plow, Plant option
NOT to be confused with the Combine...The Combine, when fully upgraded, only works on a 4x4 block of your Farm.

This "Tool" does the entire Farm all at once. REALLY

Sounds like a great idea. Only thing is it will cost you FV$...I'm not sure I will ever find myself in a situation where I would want to give up Farm Cash to save 3 minutes or less of clicking.

Farmville does want you to try the "Tool" so they are giving us 3 Free Clicks...Much like the one free Crop Dusting when you bought/buy your first Bi-Plane

I can honestly say I probably will not be using this very much. Then again I said the same thing about the Crop Duster

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