Send Button Gone...Want to know WHY?

So...I see a few of you have noticed you can no longer SEND a Farm Cash item to a Neighbor
Might this have something to do with a Game Glitch that allowed MANY Players to send as many Farm Cash Items to anyone they wanted. I had heard some wild stories these past few days...One Friend now has 20 UnWither Rings...Another has 30 Pegasus'...worthless Crap
I'm sure some Players got some neat stuff they really needed...Most were just annoyed by having to accept FVCash gifts for 12 straight hours
This didn't appear to be a "hack" but rather a Game Glitch...Zynga caught on QUICK...That's probably why the SEND Button was removed...Hopefully all the "ill gotten gains" won't come back and bite you in the ASS

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