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6-22-2011 New One Click Sharing Feature Slowly Rolling Out!

Hey Farmers,

We have started slowly rolling out a new feature called One Click Sharing to a lucky number of Farmers!

What is One Click Sharing?

It’s a new way to use Extended Permissions to make your Farming easier! When Farmers who currently have this feature click “Share” on an item, they won’t have to wait for a Facebook window to pop up. Instead, the post is automatically made for them!

We wanted to make our randomly selected Farmers currently enjoying this feature aware to avoid confusion when they encounter this option.

If this feature has rolled out to you, and have not given FarmVille Extended Permissions yet, you will be prompted for it and can choose to opt in or out.

If you have already given FarmVille Extended Permissions, the feature will work automatically and your posts will go out right after you click “Share” on items!

We look forward to your feedback on this feature! Happy Farming!
FarmVille Community Specialist

Now what does this mean...?

It means you can easily Post any and all Farmville Posts without that facebook box asking you to PUBLISH

It also means you will not have the option to close a post to a certain Friend or Group

If I am reading this right then you will have the Option to accept the feature or to decline it when it POPs Up in-game

For those Players who NEVER Close or Share Posts privately this may be an excellent option for you 

If you do Close Posts to share Rewards with your closest Friends...Then you may wish to consider NOT Allowing Extended Permissions when you are given the Option in a POP UP 

On a side note: This does explain why a select few Farmer's have been complaining of Rewards Posting in this manner...I have a BAD feeling this will not go over very well

We will keep an eye on this developing issue...As well as looking for work-arounds if it is forced on us
The Dirt Farmer

If you didn't like the One Click Sharing thing, There is a way to post everything again like you want to post it, and that is:

1. Go to your Privacy settings
2. Apps and Websites (bottom left hand corner) and click on Edit Settings.
3. Edit Settings again and choose FarmVille/Edit Settings.
4. Remove Post to wall.

You will than be able to choose what you want to share and post links again and lock postings.

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  1. This was added to my Frontierville game. I like not having to click again to share stuff, and it would come in handy when I click all my buildings/ponds/orchards and have several things in a row to share.

  2. CRAP! I opted into it and now I want OUT!!!! Is there a way to get out of it??? HELP :)

  3. yes, if you go to your fb privacy settings>application settings>farmville edit>remove this feature you can remove it! :)

  4. Hopefully Zynga will allow us to change this on the fly.

  5. I accepted the one click sharing because I didn't understand the explanation. And now I want OUT!! I've sent an email to ZYNGA and a game suggestion. Is there anyway I can get rid of the new sharing?

  6. It did not work for me when I tried to change edit my privacy settings for FV.

  7. Thanks for that, now I know when i am offered it to opt out!

  8. Yes, thanks for that, now I know how to opt it OUT!!!!

  9. I understand it can be useful, but it also means i cannot write a message on the post anymore!!! I want out... :/

  10. thx...just got out of it!

  11. Actually I feel that it should based on specific tasks around the farm. Example like a pop up when working crops ( I would like an opt in here) just so I don't get a gazzillion pops up trying to plow, seed and harvest. I may even like it when harvesting orchards as friends and family can find the water or seedling there and most go unclaimed anyways. But, I want the ability to share foals, calves, lambs, piglets and trees. Those are important to me and I want to be able to continue sharing them (so, I would like an opt out here) All elsewhere, I wouldn't mind an opt in for it. But see, like most things in real life there is no clear cut yes, or no to a certain thing, or in this case feature and we should have the option to customize it based on our needs and wants not a all, or nothing feature.

  12. well i don't like it. can't share what you want with who you want. that's bs if you ask me

  13. Well I did neither and simply clicked the X now the post to facebook wall box does not appear when Im using wide screen but when I or the game close it down to normal screen there they all are one on top of the other, only thing is only the one on top has writing the rest are blank.....Now what???!!!

  14. Accepting the one click feature is giving snatch bot users free reign and no actual people are able to get anything off of the feeds. It sucks so I opted out so I can decide who gets what. I'm not giving away my goodies to cheaters.

  15. here is my note on how to opt out of this . i had it now i am out because with this feature you cannot lock any gifts for certain friends.


  16. i like it for most of my post, but i would like to be able to switch back on the fly for when i post trees, pigs, sheep etc.

  17. I hated it it! I set it back to the old way. I thought it was just for the thing where we order form each other. Oh well I am back to the old way so now I am happy!

  18. I liked at and opted out but am sorry how do I get it back ????


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