Farmville Hikers Vs. Divers Voting Event 2018

Your Dirt Farmer team has found some images that Farmville has released that we believe to be another personality voting event. This time the theme will be Hikers Vs. Divers.  Check out The Dirt Farmers Post for more info and an sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find this helpful.  Also Don't forget to check back often for updates.

Farmville's Hikers Vs. Divers Personality Voting Event


(Left Side)

(Right Side)

You will receive this building when you have more left votes than right votes on the first
time you complete
the 12 stages

You will receive this building when you have more Right votes than Left votes on the first time you complete
the 12 stages
Farmville Hippies Vs Hipsters Voting event will soon be available on our farms from
*Note* The prizes and order are uncomfirmed at this time
Hikers Vs. Divers Voting Event

Camping Bear

Stage 1
Surfing Bear

Mountain Digger Goat

Stage 2

Mountain Snorkel Goat

Trekking Monkey

Stage 3

Seawalk Monkey

Sunbathing Owl

Stage 4

Snorkel Owl

Rafting Gnome

Stage 5

Deep Ocean Diver

Trekking Eagle

Stage 6

Seawave Eagle

Trekking Dog

Stage 7

Scuba Dog

Spirit Drive

Stage 8

Ocean Mermaid
Sunny Daze Fountain
Stage 9

Underwater Search

Wooden Swing

Stage 10

Spirit Drive
Liberating Tree
Stage 11

Liberating Spirit Tree

Hiker Horse

Stage 12

Deepsee Horse
Deepsee Foal Hiker Foal Giant Liberating Tree Giant Liberating Spirit Tree
    That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info
Happy Farming

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