Farmville's Ice Cream Farmstand 2018

Your Dirt Farmer Team has found some information on an upcoming Farmstand This time the theme will be Ice Cream. Check below to see the prizes, and don't forget to share the post with your friends.


Now, let's have a look at the unconfirmed rewards.
Ice Cream Farmstand will be soon be available on our farms,
and now here is a sneak peek at the unconfirmed prizes we will be collecting
Day 1
Ice Cream Bell Tree
Day 2
Creamy Dragon
Day 3
Creamed Cake Duck
Day 4
Chocolate Gems Hippo
Day 5
Ice Cream Lover Panda
Day 6
Whipped Cream Bunny
Day 7
Cream Shell Turtle
Day 8
Ice Cream House
Day 9
Chocolate Fountain
Day 10
Cream Bell Tower
Day 11
Cream Tower Fun
Day 12
Creamy Floaty Balloon
Day 13
Ice Cream Arch
Day 14
Ice Cream Seating
Day 15
Ice Cream Seller
Day 16
Melting Cream Bench
Day 17
Softy Van
Day 18
Rainbow Sprinkles Unicorn
Day 19
Waffle Pony
Day 20
Cream Boy Horse
Day 21
Whipped Cream Pegacorn

and now a peek at the Offspring and Giant Trees
Giant Ice Cream Bell Cream Boy Foal Whipped Cream
Pegacorn Foal
Waffle Pony Foal
  -   - -
Rainbow Sprinkles Unicorn Foal        -        - -
That's all we have for now, Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville News and Info.  Happy Farming

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