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It looks as though the FarmVille Studio is going to be releasing a new feature, based on a spinning drum which will award prizes.   This feature is called Spin It to Win It! and we will be given the opportunity to spin a prize wheel, and be awarded various prizes. These prizes appear to be a combination of  both previously released and new items.  Most of the rewards are animals or birds, there are also some decorations.  VIP members will receive one free spin daily.  Any player can purchase additional spins for 3 FC each.



We expect this feature to go live on May 10, 2017.

When the feature goes live, we will be able to access it via an icon on the right side of our farm.




This is what we will see when we click on the icon



To play this feature, you simply click on the spin button.  There are two possible spin options, one spin for 3 FC, and 10 spins for 25 FC.

Click here if you want to pay 3 FC for a single spin




Click here if you want to spin 10 times in a row for 25 FC.

There are also some additional options for VIP members, and rewards if we choose to do 10 spins in a row.

*VIP members will receive one free spin daily, these spins do not accumulate, so we will need to remember to click on the icon daily.

*If we choose to pick the 10 spin option, we are guaranteed to receive a rare item.

*A guaranteed rare reward means that we will be awarded a rare, super rare, or ultra rare item.

*We also will receive a free spin for every 10 spins, so if we choose the 10 spin option, we will get a free spin immediately.

*All rewards from this feature will go into the gift box after we click on the rewards section.



There is a meter at the top of the feature display that will keep track of our spins.  Once the meter is at 10, we will receive a free spin.  As stated above, if we choose to purchase 10 spins for 25 FC, this meter will fill up immediately, and we will be rewarded a free spin.


To see the potential rewards, simple click on the “View all rewards” button.


There are four categories of rewards: common, rare, super rare, and ultra rare.  Simply click on the tabs to view the various rewards.


This feature has an interesting twist to it.  We will be given the opportunity to exchange rewards that we don’t want for tokens.  For each reward that we turn in, we will receive one token.  Once we accumulate 15 tokens, we will get a free spin.  No more wasted rewards accumulating in our gift box!  WE MUST CHOSE TO EXCHANGE THE REWARD FOR TOKENS WHEN THEY FIRST SHOW UP IN THE REWARD SCREEN!  If we close out of the reward screen, and the gifts go into our gift box, we will not be able to redeem them.  It might make sense to use this option once we have received one of each reward, or if we know for certain that we don’t want the reward when we win it.  There are two ways to exchange the rewards for tokens, depending upon whether we spun one time, or 10 times. The two options are explained below.

When we make a single spin, we will have the option to exchange our reward for one token. According to the studio, the token option will not be available until your third paid single spin (3 farmcash each), or when you buy 10 spins at once.


If we make 10 spins at one time, we will have three different options for redemption.

-we can collect all rewards (and they will go into our gift box).

-we can exchange all rewards for tokens.

-we can select the individual rewards for tokens (keep some rewards and exchange some rewards).


As stated above, this is THE ONLY TIME we can choose to exchange Rewards for Tokens. Once we close  the Reward screen, we have  accepted the Reward and it will be sent to our gift box. We won’t be able to exchange it for a token. Also, once we chose to exchange our rewards for tokens, we cannot change our minds and undo this choice.

If we have questions about tokens and how they work,  click on the “Know More” button.


An now for a look at the possible rewards, sorted by category.


Aviator Flamingo Bird Cage Deer Bumble Bunny Cleopatra Cow
Common Dolphin Cookie Jar Cub Cool Shades Pegacorn Dancer Dragon
Dark Sparkles Tree Dewdrop Fairy Swan Dragonwear Horse Dreamer Pegasus
Emo Emu Fairy Llama Fairy Monkey Friendly Sheep
Globetrotter Cow Goldeneye Duck Greater Bird Hoopoe
Landscape Artist Chicken Marshmallow Tweets Mother's Ducklings Trough Nightdust pig
Nomad Wagon Orange Orble Porcelain Chicken Rainbow Swirl Cow
Sea Butterfly Sky Blue Chicken Sunrise Pegacorn Tickled Kitten
Tuxedo Mallard Wild Cowboy Deer Witchy Hedgehog Falling Sky Dream Deer
Dream Pet Pegacorn Mystical Phoenix Phoenix Chicken Sparkle Afghan
Aurora Pup Flying Alpaca Sea Butterfly Guardian Elephant
Fog Sheep Lavendar Lace Dahlia Lion Flying Pig Blazing Eared Elephant
Smush Ball Cat Unicorn Duckie Night Marked Puppy Cloud Money
Spring Butterfly Bunny Fairy Llama  Sweet Dreams Unicorn    



Armoured Turtle Atlantean Bull Atlantean Dragon Celtic Print Wolf
Clover Waterfall Evening Pegacorn Fairy Pinion Pegacorn Hot Chocolate Stand
Kuchipudi Cow Lavendar Lace Dahlia Lion Legendary Silver Chest Lemon Stand
Opaline Hippocampus Roc Seasons Phoenix Shogun Bull
Spring Fairy Castle Witch Hut Pea Giraffe King Protea Lion
Kitty Fairy Cloudbed Elephant Dragon Winged Dog Blossom Fairy Deer
Multicolor Llama Mystic Bull Magnificent Tiger Wizard Cat
Sorcery Dog Good Aura Panda    Cecil The Lion Ethereal Swan 



Color Swirl Bull Dandelion Forest Bear Golden Stripe Yak Long Wool Sheep
Dream Queen Cow
Paint Patterned Cow Golden Horned Alpaca Golden Phoenix Chicken Dream Queen Cow
Dreamy Horn Deer Dreamy Head Duckie  Magic Feather Chicken Magic Gold Bull 
Dreamy Horn Deer Dreamy Head Duckie Magic Feather Chicken Magic Gold Bull
Mystical Mane Unicorn     
Mystical Mane Unicorn       



Dream Enchantress Pegacorn   
Angelic Feather Deer
Dream Enchantress Pegacorn Fae Tail Dragon Light Guide Pegasus Angelic Feather Deer

That’s all we have for now, remember to visit often for all the latest FarmVille news, and Happy Farming!

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  1. Does the VIP spin accumulate and is it available to be exchanged for a token? I am at Diamond level and my game neither accumulates nor does it offer the exchange. thanks for any help. Corrine


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