Farmville Legend of Tengguan Farm Crops Yield Chart

As with every new farm extension, FarmVille Legend of Tengguan will have its own unique crops in both land and water terrain varieties. We'll also see a brand new terrain type for this new farm and crops unique to this new turtle terrain.. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you so that you will know what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share....

For more information on the FarmVille Legend of Tengguan farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Legend of Tengguan Complete Guide.

CropCost in CoinsCoin YieldXP GainTimeTerrainMastery

Butterfly Orchid
150210223 hrsWater600+600+600=1800

Cempedak Fruit
220315214 hrs600+600+600=1800

Climbing Lily
11016026 minsTurtle600+600+600=1800

Durian Isu
11016026 mins600+600+600=1800

Dusk Gak Fruit
175260212 hrs600+600+600=1800

Fallgold Fruit
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Golden Crown Mango
195275217 hrs 54 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Lotus Flame
11516526 mins300+300+600=1200

Marang Fruit
21030529 hrs 30 mins600+600+600=1800

Marian Plum
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

Maypop Passionflower
20030024 hrs600+600+600=1800

Nariphon Fruit
175255224 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Pandanus Fruit
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

Pearly Langsat
195400246 hrs800+600+600=2000

Purple Apple Berry
190260212 hrs600+600+600=1800

Queens Garland
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Rare Aerides Flower
285415215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Rare Afgeki Flower
19527529 hrs 30 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Red Ginger Flower
175240212 hrsWater300+300+600=1200

Rose Star Flower
16023026 hrs300+300+600=1200

Royal Grape Pendant
180260269 hrs600+600+600=1800

Sparrow Flower
15030024 hrs600+600+600=1800

Sunset Lemons
16023026 hrs300+300+600=1200

Tengguan Basil
17025026 hrs300+300+600=1200

Thai Marigold Fruit
20030024 hrs600+600+600=1800

Thai Velvet
125200212 mins600+600+600=1800

Watermelon Flower
135210224 mins600+600+600=1800

White Currants
175255224 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Yangmei Berry
230345215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

Yellow Burapa Pepper
17525528 hrsWater600+600+600=1800

Yellow Thai Cherry
17525528 hrs600+600+600=1800

Ylang Ylang
18526028 hrs300+300+600=1200

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and info...

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