The Dirt Farmer List Of Permanent Coin Items By Farm–Farms Released In 2017


Often, Farmers are mystified as to what to spend their coins on. What you may not know is that each farm is released with several permanent farm themed items for coins. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you to the permanent coin market items by farm. This chapter will cover farms released in 2017. So the post does not become too lengthy, other posts will follow with farms by year. Special Thanks to Farmer Joyce S. of our ASK The Dirt Farmer group for the idea and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.


Boho Tile Daisy Haybale Flower Child Bush
100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Groovy Bi-plane Groovy Coop Hippie Cycle
30,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Hippie Gazebo Hippie Haybale Hunky Gorilla
100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
LumberJack Chop Midwest Canoe Midwest Fence
100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Penant Fence Reggae Croc Rodeo Meerkat
10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Serene Tree    
100,000 Coins    

Bubbly Pipes Camo Octopus Coral Haybale
100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Coral Shard Fence Jellyfish Tree Majestic Fish
10,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
Nautilus Haybale Ocean Weed Fence Opal Bi-plane
10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 30,000 Coins
Opal Coop Reverse Tree Sea Bush
5,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Seashell Tile Tide Horse Treasure Building
10,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 100,000 Coins
  Twin Shrooms  
  100,000 Coins  

Dragon Wall Elephant Fountain Gilded Gold Thai Tile
10, 000 Coins 10, 000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Little Squat Column Tengguan Bi-plane Tengguan Coop
10,000 Coins 30, 000 Coins 5,000 Coins
Thai Garden Bench Thai Night Lamp Tropic Hat Frog
10,000 Coins 10, 000 Coins 10, 000 Coins

Sea Bird Tree Spectral Pine Tree Petal Wing Duck
10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Dream Coop Fairy Shroom Fence Fairy Gourd House
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Snail Ride Decorated Haybale Dream Biplane
10,000 Coins 500 Coins 30,000 Coins

Belle French Tree Royal Guard Tree French Soldier Alpaca
500,000 Coins 500,000 Coins 1,500,000 Coins
English Troop Sheep Crown Back Turtle Duke's Manor
1,600,000 Coins 1,200,000 Coins 2,000,000 Coins
Ardour Coop Classic English Couple French Horn Fountain
5,000 Coins 1,000,000 Coins 1,400,000 Coins
British Flower Tile Classic English Tile Countryside Stone Fence
5000 Coins 5000 Coins 5000 Coins
Floral Climbers Fence Golden Palace Fence Ardour Bi-plane
5000 Coins 5000 Coins 30,000 Coins
  England Flag Haybale  
  500 Coins  

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