Facebook Gameroom What It Is And What It Does

Recently we have seen a mysterious new app on the side of our farms called Facebook Gameroom. Wondering if it is safe, what it is and what it does? Your Dirt Farmer Team has the answers for you. Read below for the details and please share.

Update 1 - Facebook has renamed the Facebook Games Arcade to Facebook Gameroom, the instructions remain the same.

Update 2 - If you are having issues planting seeds from the market when playing on a browser, many players have been successful in planting using the Facebook Gameroom.

The icon that appears on the side of our games inviting us to download the new app. Yes it is really from Facebook and yes it is safe. If you have already downloaded the app, there is also a play button to activate it from. Some browsers may give you a pop-up for permission, since the button launches an external desktop app, but this is nothing to worry about.
Essentially, Facebook Gameroom is a desktop app that will allow you to play without connecting to Facebook in a browser- here is a look at the pop-up we see when we click learn more.
If you opt to download, simply click one of the download buttons you will get a popup stating that it is downloading
Then one stating that it is installing.
When it is finished you will have a notification where you normally find your downloads (location depends on browser) to install the program.
Then you will get a popup for permissions and it will install. You will always get a security warning with a .exe file. While they are the most common file type for installing programs, they are also common in viruses. This is really from Facebook and is safe.
It will auto launch on first run.
After that you will find an icon on your desktop - or you can use the link beside the game as mentioned above.
The first time it launches you will need to log in. If your computer is not shared with others with Facebook accounts your picture should be there with option to continue as you. If not click on switch account.
It will then load with a section of games recommended for you to try out at the top and games you play at the bottom.
Clicking on a game you play will give you the option to play now or see more details.
Clicking on FarmVille's more details will give a short description and a few examples of decorated or functional older farms to scroll through.
Clicking play now will load the game. Since this is a separate app exclusively for playing Facebook games, you will not have newsfeed access on it, except for the feed panel if you have that enabled. You can post, accept your gifts and do everything else as normal.
Some other options that it offers - click on the globe in upper right to view your game notifications for all games - you will only see notifications for those games that are allowed to send you notifications in this view.
Clicking on the back arrow will take you back to the app's home screen. The circle will refresh your game and the Plus signs will allow you to add a shortcut to FarmVille on your desktop and/ or Startup.
Clicking on the lock will allow you to adjust the app settings for the currently loaded game.
Facebook claims the new app is a faster way to play, so far some players agree, some see no difference and some say it is slower. Everyone's computer is different so the only way to know if it will be faster for you is to try it out. It is a separate app and within it FarmVille is not competing with other things in your browser for memory so in a sense it may speed things  up. Since Flash does not release memory until you close the tab, if you are traveling to a bunch of farms and do not close and reopen the app every two or three it will lag for you.
What if you try it and it's not for you? It's really easy to remove.
Simply search for and open your computer's  control panel
Click on programs
Click on the name of the Gameroom so it is highlighted. Then click uninstall and follow the prompts.
That's all for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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  1. Does NOT solve "Whoa Farmer" prblem & seems to STILL us Adobe Flash!
    Seems FASTER on MY system.
    STILL drops out of Full Screen Mode when Facebook Post Dialog is displayed.
    LOTS & LOTS of ADS!

  2. MORE:
    Jerky terrain panning.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This program works 100% better than any browser -- though using the same general basis of Flash!

  5. Just get BLACK SCREEN when trying to watch ADS.

  6. Will it work under win8 ? or need win10 ?

  7. will it work with win8 ? or just win10 ??

  8. So it is only farmviille? I can't find a games list for it.

  9. i have a problem with the app i get stuck on the fb game logo, I tried to uninstall and install it but nothing changed. whenever i open the app it only open a tab "https://web.facebook.com/games?initialize_games_desktop=true#_=_" btw im using Facebook Games Arcade (beta) v. 6.0.1 and im using windows 8.

  10. Very helpful post. Where can I find out how to make a friends list just for my Farmville friends without taking up a whole hour of time?

  11. from what I have read, I see no reason to download and use...

  12. How can I play Farmville, post and share but I only want to post in the feed for Farmville under game and I do not want it to post to my facebook feed not all my friends play and I only want to bug Farmville friends with Farmville stuff? Can this be done and if so how thanks so much for any help!

  13. Is it available for Apple computers?


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