The Dirt Farmers List Of Permanent Coin Items By Farm - Farms Released in 2016

Often, Farmers are mystified as to what to spend their coins on. What you may not know is that each farm is released with several permanent farm themed items for coins. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you to the permanent coin market items by farm. This chapter will cover farms released in 2016. So the post does not become too lengthy, other posts will follow with farms by year. Special Thanks to Farmer Joyce S. of our ASK The Dirt Farmer group for the idea and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Diwali Celebrations
Clay Pot Fountain
Bio Wall
5,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
Diya Tile
Bamboo Fence
Colorful String Fence
5,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
Muthukuda Lampost
Marigold Haybale
5,000 Coins
5,000 Coins

A high resolution image of the Diwali Celebrations coin decoration.

Jacobin Pigeon Sea Butterfly Paddy Farmer Goat
12,000 Coins 13,000 Coins 140,000 Coins
Garden Stone Pegasus Red Mist Gnome Origamied Buterflies
300,000 Coins 120,000 Coins 1,800,000 Coins
Nippon Bamboo Fence Zen Haybale Old Monk Tree
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 15,000 Coins

Prehistoria Pine Tree Water Pebbles Rubble Tile
10,000 Coins 30,000 Coins 500 Coins
Spotty Fence Wood Log Boat Painting Hay Bale
5,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 500 Coins
Stone Hay Bale Turtle Shell Boat Dino Footprint Tile
500 Coins 100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Stone Pole Fence White Stone Fence Hanging Roof
5,000 Coins 30,000 Coins 10,000 Coins
Stone Spike Turtle Decorative Stone Man Yellow Mammoth
10,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 10,000 Coins

Dark Hercules Gateway To Heaven Greek Fire Column
10,000 Coins 15,000 Coins 5,000 Coins
Little Arches Omega Tile Pillars of Divinity
5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 5,000 Coins
Shields and Septres Furious Red Cat Opaline Hippocampus
5,000 Coins 18,000 Coins 240,000 Coins
Biorhythm Tree
5,000 Coins

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