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We have added new features to our items site for Farmville.  Our newest is the unreleased,  that’s the goodies we get to look forward to in our game.
Here you can find a guide on how to use these new features we have added.
First lets look at where to find the Unreleased items.  down at the bottom of Items site – Dirt Farmer Items site for Farmville.

Here is a file that you can download to your computer and have the entire list with all the related information to each Market/Farm Item.

It is a CSV file that I compatible with Microsoft Excel. The file icon is located underneath the top items tabs and next to the Search box.
This file can also be viewed with most spreadsheet software compatible with Microsoft Excel.
Open Office, Libreoffice are two known free open Source Software compatibles. Microsoft Office includes Excel,

Now this is what you will see when you open the CSV File

Now what it all means
Excel default numbers the rows in the spreadsheet

XWI is a Farm Identifier code It is the code for items belonging to our newest Expansion Alpine Jingle,
so all items with xwi would belong to or what would be released for that farm.

  This is the item name
This is the Item code which may also be typed into search when looking for more detailed information an any item
and then finally the item name again at the end.

That’s all we have for now…. please stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for the latest news and info for Farmville…

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