Farmville STABLE and NURSERY BARN back for COINS for a LIMITED TIME Thanks to Player Voices and a Song from Barry West


Yes folks you read that right! The Horse Stable and Nursery Barn are about to return to the market once again! Our awesome and responsive team India has coded their return from 22nd December , 2014 to 28th December 2014. Much better than last year’s re-release by team San Francisco this year we will also see a re-release of the COIN FRAMES!. Be proud of yourselves folks, this is entirely the result of INDIVIDUAL PLAYER VOICES in our ASK the Dirt Farmer group. Your Dirt Farmer team did nothing on this but send in the threads, this is ALL YOU. Congratulations to the players & thanks to team India for listening.

We got a little hint from Zynga last night that this was to come.

What is coded to return from 22nd December to 28th December. The White HOME FARM version of the Horse Stable, the one that could be painted will be the frame and will be available on ALL FARMS. The English Countryside version will be the FARM CASH version
Note: They heard your voices and brought them back, if you want them to stay PERMANENTLY keep asking them on this thread in our ASK the Dirt Farmer Group

Horse Stable Nursery Barn
Stable Frame (5,000 Coins) Nursery Barn Frame (5,000 Coins)
Horse Stable Nursery Barn
Stable Complete (50 Farm Cash) Nursery Barn Complete (50 Farm Cash)

Again congratulations to the players. This return is entirely the result of this thread in our ASK the Dirt Farmer Group and the thousands of player voices on it , with some help from this song from the Amazing Barry West

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  1. Will these be able to be placed on any farm?
    Can you have multiples on a farm?

    Thank you.

  2. hope is not a joke, is not the first time they promise us... it would be so great if we can get them and keep permanently

  3. please make them permanently since where getting an new farm very soon please?

  4. Well, it's Dec. 22, and no Horse Stable in the market. What a surprise. Wish they'd bring it back permanently - I'm truly sorry I sold my old one. Big mistake.

  5. You are now chatting with 'Khrsna G.'.
    Hi susanne! How can I help?

    susanne: was looking for the nursery and horse stable but they are not in my market I thought they were available till the 28th

    Khrsna G.: It seems that you wanted to avail the Horse Stable and Nursery Barn, however, you cannot find these buildings in the Market.

    Khrsna G.: I know you're excited to build those buildings and make a progress.

    Khrsna G.: Susanne, currently our Development Team removed the Nursery Barn and Horse Stable from the Market due to some errors in the game while building this features.

    Khrsna G.: For more information, you may read this Article: Click here:

    susanne: When will they be back and how can I finish the ones I did get?

    Khrsna G.: But don't worry, once this issue is fixed, rest assured that they will put it back in the Market

    Khrsna G.: So I suggest you to always check your game periodically.

    Khrsna G.: You mean you already bought one for your farm? Is that right?

    susanne: yes I got a few of them last night I guess before they were removed from the market

    Khrsna G.: As of now, we cannot commit for the specific time if when this will be available again.

    Khrsna G.: I see. Here's what I am going to do, Susanne.

    Khrsna G.: I am going to give you some parts that you may use in building these features.

    Khrsna G.: Does that sound good?

    susanne: thank u I need the blankets, bottles, harnesses, and horseshoes please

    susanne: I got three of each building

    susanne: u still there?

    Khrsna G.: I see. Susanne, I credited 5 Harness and 5 Horseshoe, 5 Bottle and 5 Blanket in your Gift Box. Does that sound good?

    susanne: will that even finish one of them?

    Khrsna G.: These parts will help you to build these features while we are working towards the fix.

    susanne: I need 10 of each just for one of the buildings

    susanne: it would be better if I could finish the ones I have and use them then buy more when they come back

    Khrsna G.: Unfortunately, Susane, FarmVille is limited to what we are able to grant to our players in order to ensure a fair experience for everyone and I hope you understand. Don't worry, our Development Team is doing their best to fix the issue as soon as possible time.

    Khrsna G.: In the meantime, I suggest you to monitor your game from time to time while we are working towards the fix

    susanne: I guess that is about the most I can expect from farmville even though they get money from me every month I still cannot get what I need when they mess stuff up

    susanne: thanks for the little bit of help and information I did get

    Khrsna G.: You're very much welcome, Susanne. Ant thanks for understanding as well.

    Khrsna G.: Hey, by the way, if you are looking for more information and update on the current and resolved issues in FarmVille, please visit this link.

    Khrsna G.: Would there be anything else I can assist you with?

    susanne: I guess not

  6. Any new news on when these will be released? I've looked for the last 2 days and no sign of them anywhere on any farm.

  7. Why aren't the Horsehoes is the list of items to send to neighbors? I need 8 of them. When I ask for them (from the stable), the person getting the link is taken to the list of items and they just are NOT listed there. That "ask for link" should be posted on the wall so a person can click on it and (Give and Get One) return the item. Again, I have an uncompleted Stable and no way of every finishing it.

  8. It's not even December 28th and the items are already gone from the market. Short lived fantasy for those who wanted to add these items to their farms.


  10. Apparently, there are bugs (why am I not surprised) but they will be back in the market as soon as the bugs are squashed.

  11. Still waiting for nursery barns and horse stable.....


  13. I haven't seen them either and it's the middle of February. I need one of each, at the very least.


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