Farmville Horseman's Hollow Farm Treasure Contents

Wondering what Farmville and Zynga hid in those Tombstone treasures on the all new Horseman’s Hollow Farm? Well look no further for your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you by size as to what frightful delights may be lurking inside. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful

Small Tombstone Medium Tombstone Large Tombstone Extra Large Tombstone
Spooky Magnifying Glass
10 Spooky Magnifying Glass
Spooky Magnifying Glass
22 Spooky Magnifying Glass
Spooky Candle Stand
28 Spooky Candle Stand
Spooky Candle Stand
42 Spooky Candle Stand
80 Hollow Points 160 Hollow Points 240 Hollow Points 320 Hollow Points

Superstitious Goat

Scarecrow and Friends

Huffy Hatted Horse

Spooky Scarlet Pegasus

Spooky Mailbox

Spooky Lantern

Netherworld Horse

Welcome To Spooky Town Sign

Spooky City Gate

Moonlight Capturing Tree

Sleeping Owls Tree

Tweed Pegacorn

Angel Gnome Statue

Lost Traveler’s Gnome

Dark Sorceress Tree

Horseman’s Horse

Noble Dog

Desserted Photo Stand

Desserted Wagon

Spooky Bride Unicorn

Spooky Owl

Spooky Party Tree

Secretly Grinning Tree

Messenger Unicorn

Statue Of Light

Beautiful Van Swan

Raven Tree

Spooky Gathering Tree

Counsil Sheep

Spooky Carousel Tree

Spooky Town Train

Wedding Pastor Unicorn

Magistrate Pig

Spooky Cave Tree

Onlooker Pegasus

Deety Pegasus

Sleepy Stairs Tree

Spooky Water Fountain

Spooky Lantern Horse

Black Soil Tree

Stranded Carriage

Escaped Wagon Horse

Crimson Joy Pegacorn

Sweet Shirely Horse

Spooky Rocking Chair

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