UPDATE! Lighthouse Cove 70% OFF Sale Glitch


On Friday August 29th the Farmville Studio released a huge number of Farm Specific Sales…One right after another to treat loyal Players. Unfortunately one of the sales did not work and we saw a massive amount of Players charged full price instead of getting their 70% OFF.

As you can expect there was a large number of Player complaints. Zynga Support was overwhelmed for several hours.

The Dirt Farmer’s ASK GROUP saw numerous comments and this was the main reason Dirt Farmer Heather contacted the Farmville Studio on this matter.

We were delighted to see an unprecedented fast response to the potentially game damaging incident.

The Farmville Studio quickly refunded all lost funds due to this exact glitch and immediately ended the Sale in order to prevent further loss of Player Farm Cash.

As of now…We do not know if the Lighthouse Cove Sale will be re-released…For those who think they lost out on the sale…You didn’t…The Sale was cancelled due to the glitch.

We also saw many other comments of other incidents of lost FV Cash…There are always incidents that may result in random glitches…The FIX that returned missing FV Cash was specific to this Lighthouse Cove 70% Off Sale and would not return lost FV Cash from a past incident.

Please feel free to SHARE this article and leave any and all comments you feel are relevant to helping us help you and other FV Players
…The Dirt Farmer 

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  1. they did not give back to everyone. i lost alot of money and they "don't have any record" of my purchases. makes me so mad that when you buy something and it does not give it to you, you send an email and in my case got nothing but we have no record of the fv cash lost or the purchases made so i got NOTHING but a sorry respone. I even specificly told them how much i started with what i bought for the amount that I bought it, then told them about how much more fv cash i bought afterwards, sent the reciepts to them and still got NOTHING but a sorry about your luck letter. Glad everyone else got their stuff but tired of all the glitches and then the "we have no record of the purchases"

  2. mine didn't get returned either. I contacted support when it first happened and they told me they were working on a fix to refund everyone's money but it never happened. now that I see everyone else did get their money back I will have to try again.

    Also, I'm confused because what you're describing seems to me as indicated by support that this is what happened for the ATLANTIS sale. The sale ended early and I contacted them because I missed out and they explained there had been a glitch. Why isn't that mentioned here? As for the lighthouse cove sale, I don't even think that one did end early....


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