Farmville Fairytale Fields Chapter 4 Quest Guide

Quest Story: Hey, Farmer. It looks like it's really hard convincing most people to move here. You know what it's like to travel and see new places! Help me convince other fairytale characters to move here.

Expected duration of the Farmville Fairy Tale Fields Chapter 4 Quest is from 11th August 2014 to 19th August 2014

Note: These quests are specific to the Fairytale Fields Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...

These quests are repeatable… Also, make sure you read the FULL POST, so that you don't miss out any important tips, we will give you tips for all possibilities. Skipping around or skimming may cause you to miss information that you need...

Note: The Crop alternatives mentioned here are good at the time of making this post originally… To check on the updated list, you can check out our Crop Alternatives Page on our Items Info Site

Quest Info


Thanks to Shailesh from Zynga the issue with the reward for step 4 of this quest the WITCH'S CAVE has now been fixed

Make sure you can see the icon before placing quest animals on any other farms, harvests will not count unless you can see it.

You will need a 2 STAR FAIRY FORUM in order to complete this quest. 

You will need to use a DREAM DEER WOODS if you wish to complete this quest quickly.

Note: Smart Quest credit is not guaranteed and can be removed by Zynga at any time without warning. Smart Quest amounts are provided in case you wish to GAMBLE, but planting anything less than the full amount required by the quest is at your own risk.

CONVINCING CALLS: I can talk people's ears off but not in a very pleasant manner. It's sad, I guess. I'll need your help!

Moving Forward
Marzipan Pigs Queen Sheba Orchid Pixie Necklace Wisp Deer
1. Get 7 Marzipan Pigs 2. Harvest 35 Queen Sheba Orchid (8 Hrs) 3. Craft 2 Pixie Necklaces in the Fairy Forum Reward: 1 Wisp Deer
Other Rewards: 150 XP 3000 Coins  190 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Magic Wand Magic Wand
Quest Tips:
Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 6

Pixie Necklaces can be made in a 1 star Fairy Forum

Place the deer in a DREAM DEER WOODS as soon as you get it, as you will need to harvest it twice in a latter stage of this quest.
Most of the humans are easy to convince, but not the other creatures!
TREADING FAIRY SOIL: You have to be careful about how you talk to people around here, Farmer. They don't trust easy.

Moving Forward
Pixie Boots Campion Herbal Salve Snow Wolf
1. Get 8 Pixie Boots 2. Harvest 50 Campion (14 Hrs) 3. Craft 2 Herbal Salves in the Fairy Forum Reward: 1 Snow Wolf
Other Rewards: 200 XP 3500 Coins  200 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Enchanted Wings Enchanted Wings
Quest Tips:

Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 8

Herbal Salve can be crafted in a 1 star Fairy Forum

Place the wolf in a Wildlife Habitat or Winter Animal Pen as soon as you get it, you will need to master it to one star in a latter stage of this quest.
I think I'm going to write up a charter! I'll show it to you soon.
COLLECTIONS: Farmer, I need to collect taxes, but I can't do it on my own! Help me?

Moving Forward
Fire Lightbulb Sandersonia Flowers flowerwand Outdoor Firepit
1. Get 9 Fire Lightbulb 2. Harvest 60 Sandersonia Flowers (9 Hrs 30 Mins) 3. Make 2 Flower Wands in the Magic Garden Reward: 1 Outdoor Firepit
Other Rewards: 250 XP 4000 Coins  210 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Pixie Dust Pixie Dust
Quest Tips:
Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 10

Magic Wands is a five minute recipe that can be found in the CORAL WORKS station of the Magic Garden.
When this place is ready to rock and roll, we're going to throw an amazing party!
SETTLING IN STORIES: We're going to spend some time tonight listening to stories about how people decided to move in here!

Moving Forward 
Candle Lantern Magic Oats Magic Canteen Witch 
1. Get 9 Candle Lantern2. Harvest 70 Magic Oats (19 Hrs 54 Mins)3. Craft 2 Magic Canteens in the Fairy ForumReward: 1 Witch's Cave
Other Rewards: 300 XP 4500 Coins  220 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Magic Wand Magic Wand 
Quest Tips:

Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 12

Magic Canteens require a 2 star Fairy Forum
Wow, this was a great night, eh, Farmer?
LEARNING LESSONS: What are you up to, Farmer? We need to check around town for updates.

Moving Forward
Pixie BeltRainbow CarrotsWisp DeerFairy House
1. Get 10 Pixie Belt2. Harvest 85 Rainbow Carrots (23 Hrs)3. Harvest Wisp Deer 2 TimesReward: 1 Fairy House
Other Rewards: 350 XP 5000 Coins  230 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Enchanted Wings Enchanted Wings
Quest Tips:
Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 14

Harvest the deer in the DREAM DEER WOODS. If you can see the quest icon on other farms, then you can harvest it on those other farms. If you cannot, you must harvest it on Fairy Tale Fields.
This city is turning out just great!
NEW FRIENDS: We need to catch up with a friend of mine, Thumbelina! Do you know her?

Moving Forward
Pixie Dress Mystical Cantaloupe Snow Wolf Green Smoke Pegasus
1. Get 12 Pixie Dress2. Harvest 100 Mystical Cantaloupe (46 Hrs)3. Master Snow Wolf to 1 StarReward: 1 Green Smoke Pegasus
Other Rewards: 400 XP 5500 Coins  240 Fairytale Points Share Rewards: Pixie Dust Pixie Dust
Quest Tips:

Amount to Harvest with Smart Quest Credit: 17


Note: As the Snow Wolf requires 1 star mastery ONLY and not individual harvests in any stage, you may harvest on any farm. You do not have to worry about the icon in this case, as it is not possible in the game for an animal to be mastered on one farm and not mastered on another.
Thumbelina's in town, yay! Let's go meet her!

Note, ingredients for self contained crafting, such as Magic Garden  include both raw and crafted ingredients, as well as the sub-ingredients required for the crafted ingredients.

Total Fairy Forum Bushels Needed: 6 Red Jade Vine, 6 Bleeding Heart, 12 Purple Dianthus, 12 White Dianthus, 6 Magic Oats, 6 White Squill, 6 White Saffron

Total Magic Garden Ingredients Needed: 4 Coral Essence, 4 Charmed Water

Total Plots to Harvest With Smart Quest Credit: 57

Total Plots to Harvest Without Smart Quest Credit: 400

Thanks to our friends at Farmville Wikia for the Smart Quest pattern. To read the chart in full, click here.
Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Fairytale Fields Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, ‘unless’ you see the quests icon active on the other farms too…
It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests… More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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