The Best of The Farmville Dirt Farmer Fan Page June July 2014

Do you also follow our Facebook Fan Page? If not you should… There is very often quick information about Farmville, Facebook, Zynga or Computer Safety that is a little too brief to be posted here. Remember that Facebook throttles pages and even if you “like” us, you may not see updates in your newsfeed so it is worth checking often. Dirt Farmer Rob our fan page manager had also been sharing to many groups, but Facebook has now made that much more limited going forward. What about finding something again though? That one thing you just know you saw but wanted to read again? Facebook certainly does not make finding things on pages user friendly. To combat that, your Dirt Farmer team brings you “The Best of our Facebook Fan Page”. Depending on how helpful folks find it, this may become a regular post series. Do let us know if you would like it to be.  Note that there is MUCH more information on our fan page than noted here for the time frame, this post just covers “best of” things that in most cases are not also posted here to the site. You can click on any image to go to our fan page for more information on the topic. We recommend looking around while you are there. Check below for anything you missed or would like to review and please do share with friends if you find it helpful.

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Harvest Helper Missing Beat Icons FIXED!
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Changes To The Gift Box Coming Soon Market Stall Expansions (Released a few hours after this post)
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Money Plant Returning To The Market The Dirt Farmer's Poll of The Week - Bushel Storage
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Confirmed! Seeds DO NOT Count in The Gift Box Forced Gifting Bug Squashed!
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Facebook Posts Empty? Vote To Fix! Travel Options Now Stick!
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Possible Workaround For Blank Posts! Grooming Barn Fixes
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Be A Dirt Farmer For A Day! Guest Co-Host The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Bushel Report Heads Up!
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Next Farm Spoiler ! How To Automatically Get Dirt Farmer Posts in Your Group & On Your Wall
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Farm Stands Do Not Award Trophies To Winners How To Light Up New Animal Pens
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Patriotic Sheep From Eagle Sam Only Goes Into Jade Habitat
Coin Expansions On Atlantis


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