Junk In Your Gift Envelope? Read To Find Out Why



Inbox full of COMET TAILS, BALLOONS and GRASS PATCHES? Unable to send gifts because “There are no more Friends in This List”. You are not alone. There are two ways this is happening, one which players can control and one which Zynga is doing on their own and we cannot stop. Your Dirt Farmer team has an explanation for you of why this is going on and what you can do to avoid the method we can control. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you want Zynga to STOP using your requests to automatically send useless items.


First The Problem We Can Control


There has been a lot of speculation around how this is happening, with folks suggesting that the in-game pop-up from the side menu for sending special deliveries actually sends the wrong thing or that certain things sent from the free gifts page will yield these instead or even that sending a gift back from answering a help request causes it. None of these things are true and none are causing the problem.



There is currently an in-game auto pop-up that comes up fairly frequently upon loading the farm, which strongly resembles the pop-up to send special deliveries. Instead, this one offers a choice of the three useless items we’re currently being overwhelmed with and has one pre selected. Make sure to ALWAYS CHECK THE UPPER LEFT CORNER of any gift sending pop-up to make sure the item pictured is the ONE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO SEND OUT. Another giveaway is that the special delivery popup or popups for sending gifts chosen from the free gifts page have a varying number depending on how many friends you have/how many are left to send to. The popup for junk, similar to the one for care packages is always 48 friends, as long as you have at least that many.






Secondly the method we CANNOT CONTROL. Zynga is apparently also automatically sending these gifts from players with no input from the player.



Several members of the Dirt Farmer team have logged on for THE FIRST TIME of the day to being unable to send gifts because the game shows  “You have no more friends in this list!” as if we had already sent them, despite not even being online, in game or returning anything from the envelope.




Those of us who logged on to that find inbox messages or tags from friends asking why we’re sending these items, which we did not send or had not even been online. The game sent them on its own and wasted our gift requests to do it, making it impossible for us to send our friends things they actually need or want.






Dirt Farmer Ioana and Dirt Farmer Heather tested the in game popup and the free gifts page as soon as we had requests again. Both are working perfectly. Again as long as you are CHECKING THE PICTURE of the item you are sending, you don’t have to worry about sending out old junk by your own hand. If you check the popup carefully every time, and only click send if it’s what you intend, if these items are sent from you it is the game doing it without your input.





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  1. I NEVER send those with the choice of 3 - I ONLY send the SDs!!!! And I am getting all the comet tails and grass patches - I am not building anything with those other 2 so I X them out and don't accept them!

  2. On top of the auto gift sending I think they may be doing some auto crafting finish. I opened my oasis building and the emerald chokers i had premade were not there, but suddenly had them in my goods inventory. :(

  3. My orchard in Emerald Valley is the one for Hawaiian Paradise. I just noticed it today.


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