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We would like to thank each and every one of you for helping us reach this INCREDIBLE Milestone. has just passed it’s 75th Million Page View. We owe every bit of our success to YOU…If not for you we’d just be posting Farmville Stories in the dark.

It’s party time for sure. Grab your party hats and noisemakers. Kick off your shoes and get ready to dance. 75 million views is a huge milestone. It was less than a year ago that we hit 50 Million Views back in July of 2013. Much has changed, but the reason we do it remains the same. We do it for YOU. The Dirt Farmer Team is a group of players and volunteers who love the social aspect of Farmville the best. From guides to group and everything in between The Dirt Farmer exists to help our friends and fellow players. Thank you all for making it thrive.  We love chatting with you and getting to know you in ASK and in our Dirt Box . The magic of Farmville and of the Dirt Farmer is it’s really more about making friends than the game. Thanks so much for being our friends and being a part of the Dirt Farmer Family.

Farmville Dirt Farmer

We also want to offer special thanks to each and every member of the Dirt Farmer team. We have come so far from the original small group to more than 20 team members.  From the graphic artists on the Fan Page to the site posters to the group admins who strive to help you and give you a great experience each and every one has their own unique contributions that make DF what it is today. From the oldest to the newest each are special and most appreciated by team mates and I am sure players as well. So many others help make the Dirt Farmer a success without officially joining the team. From our guest authors to the fans who kindly give us tips thanks to all of you.

Can you believe has been up and running for 3 years?

Our very first post was JUNE 22, 2011

It was short and sweet

Welcome to the Dirt Farmer's blog
This is a Facebook alternative site to house the Dirt Farmer's articles and information
More to come so please stay "tuned"


It all started with “game tips” posted by Locke on his Facebook Wall…Then we started our Official Facebook Page and began posting as much Farmville info and insight as we could get our hands on.

We have evolved to a Website and so much more. In the last year, we have established an open line of communication with Zynga. This includes regular emails to report bugs and advocate for player requests between Dirt Farmers Heather and Jason and Farmville General Managers Shailesh Daxini and Heather Sinclair as well as interviews on our radio show.

We are recommended on the Zynga Support site as well as a reliable source of tips and information

We also began creating helpful Farmville Groups
Such as ASK the Dirt Farmer …Our interactive HELP Group where you can get advice and tips from Dirt Farmer Admins as well as other Players

The Farmville Legion…Our very own ADD ME Group where you can find other current Players

Mam Maw Dirt’s Trading Post is an active SHARE GROUP where you can safely share your Farmville links.

One of our newest and fastest growing groups is our Farmville Vote Help Group . The VOTE feature is accessible to friends and NON Facebook friends… So anyone can help anyone without having to send a Friend Request…This special niche group allows Farmers to connect and help each other instantly.

The Farmville Quest Help & More Group matches up friends who want to help each other advance through Quests or other special features like Count Downs or Farm Stand Sales.

For those who love decorating their farms we have the Farmer’s Showcase Group…A place where you can post pictures of your farm so that others can see what you’ve done. The Showcase Group boasts anything from a simple farm scene to elaborate art.

Those that just want the FACTS…Be sure to check out the Farmville News Network…A group where we post links from our Facebook
Page and website…No commentary…Just the news

Finally…Sometimes you need a break from gaming…So how about some music? We Rock is the Dirt Farmer’s music group…Listen or post your favorite tunes


Be sure to also check out The Dirt Farmer’s other Facebook Pages 

Such as The Dirt Farmer Foundation …Our philanthropy page dedicated to sharing charity and human interests stories.

We also have humor…who knew…And you can find most of it on The Dirt Farmer Funny Pages

You can also find answers to everyday computing at DIRT TECH.


During the past 75 Million Page Views (thanks again for that) The Dirt Farmer has gone where NO OTHER FV SITE HAS GONE BEFORE…or since.

Such as …A custom made link shortener

The Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Remover and The Dirt Farmer Tool Bar to assist with game play and put all the latest news and information at your finger tips.

We also have the most comprehensive list of ALL Farmville Items… The Dirt Farmer’s Farmville Items Site


In JUNE of 2013 we started broadcasting our weekly show…The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Farmville Radio Show … We deliver you all the weeks Farmville News in a compact one hour show.

The show can be heard right here on

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  1. Great job!! I'm looking forward to the next milestone of 100 million page views.

  2. THANKS all - great team doing great work!


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