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As we let you know in this prior post, Farmville has been hard at work preparing a NEW VIP Membership program. You may have seen a survey in the past two months in which a pop-up on your farm asked if you were interested in one of the options for the new program shown here (each player was only given one randomly selected option to vote on). Those who participated were rewarded with a free Lace Heart Cow. Now Zynga has compiled the results and based upon them has opted to roll out the new program with just one simple option offering 30 Farm Cash weekly for $10 USD per month. The other options inquired about in the survey WILL NOT BE RELEASED. Shailesh at Zynga has confirmed the intended pricing and  single released option for us. Now your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you so you can determine whether or not you are interested in the new program. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

When the Feature is released to you, you will receive the following pop-up inviting you to sign up.
If you opt not to sign up, you get another pop-up reminding you that the program is a 50% discount off normal pricing.
If you do sign up, you will receive a weekly pop-up reminding you to collect
If you click “Learn More” in the lower right corner of the popup, the full details of the feature are available. You receive 30 Farm Cash for signing up and an additional 30 Farm Cash every Monday. If you do not play on a given Monday, you will receive your 30 Farm Cash the next time you log in. Shailesh has stated that the price is $10 USD per month. This is a subscription program and a recurring charge. You will be charged an additional $10 on the same day of every month that you signed up. So if you sign up on the 25th you will be charged on the 25th of every month. This amount will be charged to the credit card or Pay Pal account you sign up with.
In addition, if you keep your subscription active, you will attain different levels of VIP membership. As seen below, after the second month, you will reach the Silver level, which will grant you 100 extra storage spaces in your market stall. Other levels can be seen on the left, including Gold, Ruby, and Diamond. More information will be provided on benefits for those levels when available:

With the release of the VIP membership program, the coins to cash program has been abolished. If you are already a coins to cash subscriber, you will be automatically converted to the new program which has the same price and essentially offers the same benefits (though in months with 5 Mondays you will get an additional 30 Farm Cash now and you also will no longer need to use coins or remember to do several trades)
If you wish to cancel, you can access the program from the VIP tab, between the “Get Farm Cash” and “Redeem” tabs at the top of the game or via the in game icon . Cancellation will prevent you from being charged again, but will not give you a partial refund for the existing month. Benefits will continue until the next billing date, and expire at that time. You can also use that tab to sign up if you opt to do so after closing the pop-up.
For exact details on how to sign up with images to take you through the purchase process you can visit the Zynga FAQ on the support site here.

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